BREAKING - YOUTH & JUNIOR SUPER SERIES, INAUGURAL CHAMPIONS ANNOUNCED! Triathlon BC’s inaugural Youth and Junior Super Series concluded with the Vancouver Triathlon, September 6th.  The premier draft legal series, consisting of four marque events, each hosting super sprint distance triathlons and catering to aspiring performance pathway Youth (14 – 15) and Junior (16 – 19) athletes, kicked off in late May with the North Shore Triathlon, culminating on Labour Day.  Read the full Series release HERE.

What is Project 2024? After seeing a gap in development, Project 2024 was borne to provide performance pathway athletes, between the ages of 13 and 19, with an opportunity to participate in a competitive, draft legal environment, with the possibility of spring-boarding on to Triathlon Canada’s National Development Team. In its inaugural year, Triathlon BC has designated 4 provincial events as part of a Provincial Race Series. Athletes taking part in the Series collect points towards an overall Triathlon BC Series Championship.

Where does the Series fit in Canada's Long Term Athlete Development spectrum? Young athletes participating in Triathlon BC's Race Series have self-identified as being more committed and serious about sport.  At this stage of development (Train to Train), athletes are ready to consolidate basic skills and focus more time on training and physical development over competition, a critical step to top performers. For more advanced racers that have selected to pursue triathlon (Train to Compete) with the hope of competing abroad, the Series serves as a spring board to Triathlon Canada's National Series.

What does “draft-legal” mean? During a draft-legal triathlon, athletes draft, or 'tuck in' behind other athletes to save energy. This is often referred to as riding in a “pack” or “peloton.” Under International Triathlon Union's (ITU) age group regulations, drafting would normally result in a penalty, however, in a draft legal environment , there is no penalty for drafting. Drafting in triathlon adds another dimension to race tactics and skill, and is seen at the International World Triathlon Series and Olympic level.

Do I need draft legal Certification prior to competing? Yes! Triathlon BC hosts a series of draft legal workshops each year, where athletes can have their skills fine tuned and evaluated. Upon successful evaluation, an athlete earns a draft legal certificate, and is placed on a list of eligible athletes. Upcoming Clinics are listed below:


  • Duncan - July 2 - meet at Cycle Therapy Bicycles at 8:30am

To register, please complete the

Alternatively, Triathlon BC hosts several training camps throughout the year. In addition to learning about the technical skills associated with swimming and running, athletes will also participate in on-bike skill development.

What is the purpose of the Race Series? Because the Junior, Under-23, and Senior World Championships all are draft-legal events, Triathlon BC Race Series events provide young athletes an opportunity to develop the skills necessary for international-caliber racing as they progress through the developmental pipeline.

What are the race distances and format? Triathlon BC's Race Series events are Super Sprint Triathlons, comprised of a 400 meter swim, a 10 kilometer bike, and a 2.5 kilometer run. The swim can starts can take place in a pool or have a beach start. The bike and run courses are typically (but not always!) multi-lap. As with any triathlon, distances may vary slightly from venue to venue to accommodate the specific needs of each course.

Why are these events so short? In order to build a competitive atmosphere with a critical mass of draft legal athletes, Triathlon BC's Race Series events combine the usual elements of a triathlon with the dynamics and required skill level of draft-legal racing. These events also must respect Triathlon Canada’s age-appropriate distance regulations. With two distinct age groups racing in the Series, super sprint distances must be followed.

How old must I be to compete? Triathlon BC's Race Series is open to eligible* Youth athletes (age 13 and 15) and Junior athletes (aged 16 to 19) as of December 31st of the competition year.  *Eligible - must have draft certification.

Can an athlete “race up” in an age category? No. Athletes must compete according to their age as of December 31st of the competition year. Only Youth 13 - 15, and Junior 16 - 19 athletes are permitted to compete in Triathlon BC's Race Series.

Do I need to be on a High Performance Team to compete? No. While there are several development Clubs that focus on preparing Youth and Junior athletes for the rigours of competition, being a member of such a club is not required.

How do I register for these events? Registration is handled directly by the event organizer/race director. Because many Triathlon BC Race Series events are held in conjunction with age group races, be certain you are registering for the Race Series event. Contact the event organizer if you have a registration question.

Do I need a Triathlon BC membership to compete? Yes. All Race Series athletes must hold a Triathlon BC, or an affiliate Provincial membership AND provide confirmation of draft legal certification prior to competition.

What type of bike do I need in order to participate? Triathlon BC Race Series athletes must compete on a traditional road bike. Triathlon, TT or mountain bikes are not eligible for competition.

Can my bike have disc brakes?  Unfortunately not.  Under Triathlon BC regulations,  disc brakes are only eligible for adult age group events outside of Provincial Championships and selection events, as outlined below.

(iv) In Triathlon BC sanctioned races, with the exception of Age Group Provincial Championships and Elite, U23, Junior and Youth Competitions, and races used to select members for Provincial or Canadian Teams, disc brakes are permitted.

Can parents assist their children in the transition area? No. Parents and coaches are not allowed inside the transition area before, during, or after the event.

How do Series points ranking work? Triathlon BC Race Series points are provided to the top 20 male and female athletes in the Youth and Junior categories. The best 3 of 4 finishes will be calculated, with an overall male and female champion being awarded in the Youth and Junior category.  Finish Points are distributed according to the following breakdown:

1st - 25pts, 2nd - 20pts, 3rd - 18pts, 4th - 16 pts, 5th - 14pts, 6th - 12pts, 7th -10pts, 8th - 8pts, 9th - 7pts, 10th - 6pts, 11th - 5pts, 12th - 4 pts, 13th - 3pts, 14th - 2pts, 15th through 20th - 1pt.