by Kim Mead
Published: April 2, 2019 (3 months ago)
North Vancouver

Cervelo P2C 51cm

This bike is in very good shape, used primarily for racing and light training. It has Shimano DuraAce front and rear derailleur, Shimano shifters, FSA cassette, crank, and brakes. I upgraded the wheels from the stock wheels the bike came with to Rol D’Huez. These wheels are hand built in the USA, stiff, and fast. http://www.rolwheels.com

The bike had a major tune up, including a new chain, before my last race, Vineman Sonoma 2015. I haven’t ridden the bike since. The Cervelo P2C is one of the most successful time trial bikes ever designed. Check out any triathlon and you’ll see it dominates the race field.