by melanie
Published: July 16, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

Selling my rim brake race wheels. This wheel is super fast but has one ding in it I have highlighted.  I has been looked at by a carbon expert who said leave it alone it is fine.  I have raced it since the ding no problem.  It is 4cm and is just a crack on the surface carbon.. this wheel is like a superlight styrofoam speed circle so nothing is going to come apart and the affect on speed mechanics is minimal.  Great for an IM Canada racer looking for a great deal on some fancy gear.


This the marketing info on this wheel:  Retails for $3200USD. TEXTREME CARBON TUBULAR DISC WHEEL INFORMATION The PRO Textreme Carbon Disc Wheel builds on PRO’s tradition as makers of top-flight race gear. This wheel might seem new, but it has long been the choice of Shimano-sponsored pro teams, like Team Sky, as PRO is an arm of Shimano, making wheels, bars, posts, and saddles for the component giant. This is a wheel fabricated primarily out of Textreme carbon-fiber cloth. PRO chose this because the material yields a stiff and light wheel. It also has a striking checkerboard pattern that looks good standing still or moving. At the center are the guts of a Dura-Ace 9000 rear hub, which is known for both its smoothness and durability. The cassette is a Shimano 10/11 speed cassette, which is also compatible with SRAM cassettes as well as others that share the same spline pattern. The rim bed is 24mm wide. As such, Shimano recommends tires 24mm or wider. The wheel shape is a mixed flat and lenticular design. The drive side is flat, to better clear the rear derailleur in the tallest cog. The non-drive side is lenticular, to improve on aerodynamics. As a result of the shape, know that not all wheels fit. The rim is 24mm wide at the tire bed, then gets wider on the left side. 79mm from the rim bed, it has gone out to 39mm. Then another 79mm out it goes to 46mm. And finally another 79mm out it goes to 51mm. Measure the left side of your rear triangle to make sure this wheel works with your bike. Weight for the wheel is 1050g. It comes with a quick release skewer, valve extender, wheel back, and a sticker to cover the valve hole. Shimano recommends carbon-fiber specific brake pads. The PRO Textreme Carbon Tubular Disc Wheel rides fast and keeps the weight down, leaving you to take advantage of your bounty.