Triathlon BC is extending an invite to performance based athletes across the province to participate in a Richmond Mad Moto event on July 28, 2019.

Mad Moto events, hosted by Provincial Coach Kelly Guest, are a set of super short draft-legal triathlons that are completed in heats over a short period of time.  The event aims to provide athletes, between the ages of 13-23, the chance to develop speed, skills and race tactics.

What exactly is a Mad Moto? A Mad Moto is a series of short races that are completed in heats.  The race distances for each heat is short, fast and technical.  Within the course of 2 hours, athletes can expect to complete about 3 of the short, draft-legal, triathlon.

Richmond Mad Moto

*Athletes should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start time to see the course and participate in the mandatory safety briefing.

Athletes wanting to participate in this learning experience must possess an active Triathlon BC Annual membership and draft legal certification.  Mad Moto events are also a great opportunity for coaches and coaches of development athletes are encouraged to attend these events with their athletes.