The Community coach wants to help new athletes and support age group athletes by teaching basic triathlon skills and introduction to events. The Community coach is focused on safe participation, teaching skills, and fun. This workshop is for both beginner and experienced coaches who are currently coaching or intend to coach age group athletes 16 and older. Through this two-day workshop, coaches will learn how to coach and teach basic triathlon skills, how to plan safe and engaging practices, and how to support triathletes to participate safely at events.

Workshop Details:

  • Dates: March 25 & 26th, 2023 (Saturday Virtual, Sunday In Person)
  • Times: Exact times TBC:
    • March 25 9am-4pm (virtual)
    • March 26 930am-4pm (in-person)
  • Location: Esquimalt Rec Center
  • Cost: $200.00 for Triathlon BC Members $225.00 for non members

After the Community Coaching Course, you will be a Community Coach “In Training” and will be able to:

Make Safe and Ethical Decisions:

  • Enable safe participation by creating a safe and respectful environment
  • Encourage athletes to be active and have fun while maintaining respect to others and the sport
  • Create athlete profiles and Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for safety in practice
  • Identify risks and demonstrate risk prevention in Triathlon

Teach the Sport of Triathlon and Provide Support to Athletes in Training

  • Teach, assess and analyze basic triathlon skills: swim, bike, run and transitions
    • Support athletes to competition: physically, technically, tactically, and emotionally
    • Self-reflect on coaching style and skills and areas for improvement

Use Basic Planning Skills and Plan a Practice

  • Plan technically sound and safe practices in the sport of triathlon: swim, bike, run and transition practice
  • Plan sound weekly training including swimming, cycling, running and transitions
    • Recognize phases and periods in a typical triathlon annual season
    • Plan for attendance at events

Important *NEW* Information:

Practical Teaching Components: This workshop will have practical swimming, biking and running components.  Participants should come prepared to coach their colleagues, and participate in these practical sessions.  Please bring the appropriate swimming and running items with you to this clinic. Coaches are welcome to bring a bicycle for Sunday morning but this is not a mandatory requirement.

Prerequisites: Coaches should complete the following before the course begins: