Join us for the fall Youth Triathlon Camp in Vancouver (UBC) on October 1st! This camp is designed for novice to experienced athletes 12-16 years old. The goal is to provide skills and knowledge to inspire athletes to compete in triathlon events in the coming years – including the 2024 BC Summer Games! This camp will use multiple venues – with a focus on pool swimming, running, cycling, and transitions. The camp will be led by Tim Sherstobitoff, along with Allan Prazsky and special guest coaches!

This camp will include multiple sessions focused on each discipline through coached discussions and drills on technique, tactics, and physiological development:

Skills for the camp:

  • Biking skills
    • Intermediate and advanced parking lot skills
    • Basic and advanced drafting skills on roads
    • Equipment knowledge
    • Road bike or gravel bike (drop bar) is required for drafting skills and group riding safety.
    • Athletes will be draft legal certified at the end of the camp
  • Running skills
    • Speed and technique drills
    • Pacing drills
  • Transition skills
    • Secret techniques to be a lightning fast
  • Pool swimming skills
    • Focus on technical skill and fun drills
    • Participants should be able to swim 200m in a pool non-stop

Details for the camp:

Camp will run 730am-3pm.

Cost for the camp is $75.

Location is the UBC Vancouver.

*participants must be Triathlon BC members (Ages 15 and under=$18, 16-19yrs old= $32).

*bursaries are available to help offset the costs of this camp if needed, please inquire with

Current cap is 20 athletes, with equal genders (10 boys, 10 girls). A waitlist will be available if capacity is reached.

Athletes outside of the age range may be able to join if the skill range is suitable for you and if space is available – please send us an email:

Lunch and snacks are the responsibility of each participant.

Accommodation is the responsibility of each participant.