Victoria Youth Draft Clinic – May 7th Registration Now Open!

Type: Drafting Clinic
Location: Victoria
Region: Vancouver Island
Cost: $20.00


In preparation for a busy 2022 season, Triathlon BC is hosting a draft certification clinic in Victoria on Saturday, May 7th. This clinic is for young athletes (14 – 19 yrs) who are interested in learning the necessary skills to pursue draft legal competition. Draft legal certification from Triathlon BC is recognized by Triathlon Canada and internationally, and is a critical skill in Triathlon Canada’s Gold Medal Profile, and a required competency in Triathlon BC’s performance pathway.

WHAT: Senior, certified cycling coaches will instruct athletes on proper techniques related to draft legal racing. The course promises to cover how to safely:

  • Ride in a peloton / paceline environment
  • Rotate positions within a paceline
  • Signal to communicate within a paceline
  • Position hands on the handlebars, maximizing safety
  • Employ emergency maneuvers and proper braking procedures within a paceline
  • Remove, drink, and replace water bottle while riding in a paceline
  • Use all gears effectively
  • Apply proper cornering techniques
  • Apply seated and standing climbing techniques
  • Apply the ‘long and low’ position to maximize aerodynamic efficiency

Athletes demonstrating relevant competencies will receive a Certificate issued by Triathlon BC upon completion of this clinic.

Pr-requisite: This clinic aims to build upon the skillset of athletes that already have basic cycling competencies in place.  Athletes will be cycling in a pack environment; all participants attending Draft Clinics must already possess basic cycling competencies.

Please note: The use of a road-specific bike with drop bars is required.  Mountain bikes, and time trail specific bicycles are not permitted.  Only bicycles in good functional maintenance will be permitted.


  • Date: Saturday, May 7, 2022
  • Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
  • Location: CARSA, University of Victoria
  • Instructor: Ellen Pennock
  • Cost: $20.00 for all Triathlon BC Members