2021 was an exciting year for High Performance Pathway racing in BC! First and foremost, racing was back in BC! An entirely new high performance oriented race was added to the calendar in 2021, as well as an exciting new 2-day format was introduced for each of the three provincial SuperSeries events.

Each 2-day event kicked off with a virtual race meeting on Zoom the Friday before the event. Each Saturday of the event, HP Pathway athletes raced a 200m individual time trial, 3.0km individual hill climb time trial and a 1500m track race. The results from these three-events seeded athletes heading into day 2 of racing, and allowed the individual sport specialists to shine!

Race #1 in the Series was a Mad Moto format. Mad Moto’s were created by Triathlon BC’s Provincial Coach Kelly Guest to help develop the specific skillset required to tackle increasingly competitive high performance events, provincially, nationally, and ultimately internationally. The Mad Moto concept sees athletes race 3x 250m swim/ 4km bike/ 1km run with a 15minute break between heats. Athletes must use their tactical skills, knowledge and experience to race consistently over the three races as placings result in points and the athlete with the most points at the end of the 3rd race is the winner!

Race #2 took place within a long-standing BC event; the HPR Youth Victoria Triathlon. In this race, the HP Pathway athletes tested themselves and their competition within a super sprint non-drafting format.

Race #3 was a super sprint draft legal event with Jr/U23 and male/female all racing together which made the race extremely dynamic!

After all the dust and sweat settled, the crowning Champions of the abbreviated 2021 Season were:

Youth Female: Sonia Nguyen, Exceleration Triathlon Club
Youth Male: Austin Beese, Exceleration Triathlon Club

Junior Female: Jamie Harker, LiveFit
Junior Male: Marcus Nguyen, Exceleration Triathlon Club

See the full 2021 SuperSeries results HERE.

An entirely new event for the 2021 season, Triathlon BC’s ‘Victoria Fast & Furious’ took place on the beautiful campus of Brentwood College in Mill Bay. This course offered an ocean swim, extremely technical bike, and a hilly run course.  If the course and format of the race didn’t offer enough of a challenge, the weather was happy to step in and present some of the hottest conditions Victoria BC saw all summer with temperatures hitting almost 40 degrees Celsius at the peak of the day.  Check out the highlights of the inaugural Victoria Fast & Furious HERE.

Provincial Coach Kelly Guest had this to say about the 2021 SuperSeries “I am really excited to see this evolution in our provincial series! The 2-day format is really exciting and requires the athletes to understand and demonstrate their strengths while managing and mitigating any weaknesses they might have. Our first race in the Series was a stunning location, course and format, I hope to see more racing there in the future!”