Triathlon BC is looking for all athletes 16-21 years of age (as of December 31, 2022) to help make BC’s 2022 Canada Summer Games team the best yet! If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you!  In an effort to field the best possible team at the 2022 CSG Triathlon BC is making it easier than ever to see if you have what it takes!

The eligibility requirements have been adjusted for Non-Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (CSIP) registered athletes. So, whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or from another sport, we want to see if you have what it takes to make our team! Non-CSIP registered athletes will need to show their commitment to the eligibility and selection process by submitting evidence of a 200m swim AND 1500m run times. Athletes will also need to demonstrate their interest to learn more about High-performance sport through watching CSIP speaker series videos.

200m Swim & 1500m Run Performance Submission

The 200m swim and 1500m run performances can be demonstrated by submitting a link to the results of a sanctioned race (January 1st – December 5th, 2021) OR through the video submission of a time trial completed in a 25m or 50m pool and on a 400m running track. Videos of time trial performances must be uploaded to and accessible to for verification. Time trial videos must have the athlete within the field of view at all times and only one swimmer in the lane, no drafting or swim aids allowed. Run time trial videos must have the athlete within the field of view at all times, athletes may have pacers.

Once all submissions have been verified a list of the performances will be publish on Triathlon BC’s website. Athletes with a swim AND run time within the top half (50%) of the field will be invited to attend an in-person eligibility camp in Victoria BC (late March). Athletes that do not have a swim AND run time within the top half (50%) of the field, will have the opportunity to re-submit an improved performance before March 8th, 2022 to receive an invitation to the March eligibility camp.

Athletes will be required to demonstrate their interest to learn by watching the CSIP speaker series videos listed below and submitting evidence of having completed this task. The videos can be accessed by using THIS LINK.  Athletes must watch at least one video from each of the three categories.

Category 1 – Mental Performance

  • Focus Plans: Tools Athletes Can Use to Enhance Focus, Geoff Hackett

Category 2 – Performance Nutrition

  • Preparatory Phase A: Supporting the Volume and/or Increased Intensity, by Ashley Armstrong
  • Nutrition and Recovery, by Rebecca Hall
  • Fueling on a Plant-Based Diet: Is It the Key to High-Performance? by Gen Masson

Category 3 – Health

  • Staying Healthy in the Winter for Athletes, Andre Lui
  • Injury Prevention, Adam Kleeberger, Derek Vinge

Triathlon BC is looking forward to seeing if you have what it takes to make our Canada Summer Games 2022 team!

Once you have uploaded your video trials and are ready to submit, please complete your submission on the Canada Summer Games Athlete Portal by clicking the SUBMIT button below.

Please note: The requirements listed above must be submitted no later than December 5th, 2021.