This document establishes the eligibility and selection criteria for individual selection to Triathlon Canada entry to 2018 ITU Mixed Relay American Championships (MRAC) in Sarasota, FL (Oct 15, 2018).

Triathlon Canada is committed to selecting the highest performing team using a combination of objective and subjective selection criteria; and in accordance with International Triathlon Union (ITU) entry criteria. The primary goal is to achieve podium performances at the MRAC

a. Be a Canadian citizen;
b. Be members in good standing with a Triathlon Provinicial Sport Organization;
c. Be in good standing with Triathlon Canada;
d. Have a current Triathlon Canada International Competition Card;
e. Have submitted all required ratified run/swim times as communicated by Triathlon Canada;
f. Have completed 80% of daily metrics in Smartabase/Training Peaks;
g. Be deemed healthy to race as per Triathlon Canada’s Competition Readiness policy (see Appendix A); and
h. Participate fully with Team Canada as per the Triathlon Canada Athlete Agreement

To read Triathlon Canada’s full Mixed Relay American Championships Criteria, please click HERE.