Are you business that is looking to engage with BC’s vibrant multisport scene?  Perhaps your business speaks to the needs of our membership of over 3,000 athletes, from the grass-roots community-based participant on through to the elite athlete, representing Canada on the World stage.

With the bulk of our age group demographic falling between 35 and 55 years old, and a consistent gender make up that’s equally represented among the sexes, Triathlon BC’s annual magazine, aptly named “TriathlonBC,” is delivered in hard copy to member households across the province, distributed at sport retailers and issued free to competitors at select, sanctioned events in BC. Each magazine is also produced digitally and sent to subscriber mailboxes in BC and across Canada.

Capture the attention of a health-conscious, fitness oriented crowd, advertise in Triathlon BC’s 2018 magazine.  Competitively priced, rates start at just $100.00! To view our 2018 Rate Card, please click HERE.  To book ad space, please contact the Executive Director via email at