Triathlon Canada’s 2019 selection policies for ITU individual events is now complete.   There are significant changes to the policy, made after a critical evaluation of our podium pathway over the past two years. It is clear from the evidence, that consistent performance is directly related to succeeding at each level of racing.

The purpose of this selection policy is to continue to expose athletes to the appropriate levels of racing.  Succeeding (ie Top 5’s) and progressing (ie continually moving from Top 20’s to Top 5’s) from one level of racing to the next is essential to athlete development.  Athletes and coaches are expected to understand and comprehend this progressive approach.

Additionally, the competition planning for athletes must be progressive to ensure athletes are succeeding at each level of competition to maximize their skills, ITU World Ranking points and podium performances.


  • Entry to tiers should be simpler to maximize opportunity for athletes
  • Athletes are responsible to continue to prove fitness and performance
  • Coaches should direct athletes to the correct tier of racing to maximize performance
  • Athletes must prioritize scoring ITU points for World Ranking (which determines start lists)
  • Opening the doorway to World Cups and WTS will maximize Olympic qualification, but only to those that continue to demonstrate performance at those levels (placings and ITU Olympic/World Ranking points)
  • 12 month window for performances to meet criteria is important to ensure athletes are planning and competing accordingly
  • Athletes should be gaining confidence through success

Importance of ITU World Ranking

ITU World Ranking is essential to getting on the start line; even more so during Olympic qualification.  National Federations can determine which athletes are eligible to race at any given race, but the ITU (World Ranking) determines who gets to race.

It is your responsibility to plan your competition schedule to ensure you can 1) achieve your goals and 2) maximize your race opportunities. National Federations are limited by the ITU rules on how substitutions are used.  It is not a good strategy to hope to be substituted by Triathlon Canada.

Success Breeds Success

High Performance is the continued progression towards a podium performance at a World Championship or Olympic Games.  Finding success, learning the skills to achieve it, is systematic, not by chance.  The new policies allow for greater opportunity but increases the accountability.

Key changes in the 2019 policies:

1. All-in-one policy for ITU Individual Events

  • Increase accessibility
  • Improve ease of interpretation

2. Competition Tiers

  • Identify clear tiers or levels of racing to reflect the level of athlete development
  • Tier 1 – WTS
  • Tier 2 – World Cup
  • Tier 3 – Continental Cup
  • Standardize transition through the tiers

3. One criteria pathway

  • Align with the data we have on the athlete pool
  • Align with Triathlon Canada’s podium pathway, AAP and stakeholder benchmarks
  • Reflect the need to convert from lower tier racing to higher tier racing

4. Continued demonstration of performance

  • Validate athletes that can continue to perform through the tiers
  • Reflect realistic performance criteria
  • Increase accountability on athlete performance
  • Reinforce consistent performance

5. 12 month window for performances

  • Reinforce a proper YTP
  • Reward consistent and improving performances

Download the full 2019 Triathlon Canada ITU Triathlon Individual Event Selection Policy HERE.