The slate of candidates for the 2020 Board Of Directors election, taking place from September 25th through to noon, October 1st, can be found below. These individuals are passionate about sport, with a motivation and desire to actively engage and make a difference in moving Triathlon BC forward, paving the way to increased growth, continued sustainability, good governance and ongoing stewardship of the sport we love. The elected individuals will serve two year terms, and be joining a group of dedicated and knowledgeable Board Members, ready to drive and deliver extraordinary value to our membership.

In 2020, Triathlon BC has four (4) Director-At-Large positions and two (2) Executive positions; Secretary & Treasurer open for election. Due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-10 pandemic, the election process will take place online via ElectionRunner.

Prior to the election opening, Triathlon BC members in good standing will be sent an invite via email to vote that includes a unique passcode and identifier.  Simply click on the invite and follow the detailed instructions to cast your vote in the 2020 Board of Director elections!

Board Candidates, in alphabetical order by last name, or listed below.


Hello, I am Troyce and it is a pleasure to serve the members of Triathlon BC as your current Sanctioning Director. (Not many sanctions in 2020 sadly, but am encouraged for our return to events)

I have been involved in Field of Play operations as an official for over 26 years, first as a Softball Umpire and the last 14 years as a Triathlon Official.  I have had the fortunate opportunity to ensure safety and fairness at all levels of competition and ability, as this is what sport is truly about, from young children just learning new skills to seasoned professionals trying to achieve Olympic glory.

I take the responsibility of ensuring Triathlon BC sanctioned events are safe and fair very seriously, as the safety and athlete experience are paramount to our sport’s success.

My family is also involved in Triathlon both competing and as volunteers.  I would like to thank them for allowing me the many hours to volunteer for Triathlon BC. During the week I am employed in the province’s Gas Utility (FortisBC) as an Electrical / Instrumentation Technician.

I look forward to many more years supporting Triathlon BC.

See Troyce’s video HERE.


As a recreational athlete throughout my life, I only participated in my first triathlon after reaching the age of 50 and within 18 month’s I was competing in my first 140.6 in Whistler. With three full IM’s now completed, I fell in love with the sport quickly and have been a champion for it ever since. I thoroughly appreciate what it takes to train for these multi-disciplined events, what initial participation barriers exist, but, most importantly, I understand firsthand how satisfying it is to overcome these obstacles and finish your first race! This is a euphoric feeling that I would like to pass on to others.

I have a passion for the sport and a desire to see more BC athletes (of all ages and fully inclusive) experience the benefits of this rewarding and healthy pursuit. Correspondingly, I also want to see the current and future stars of triathlon in our province compete more successfully on the world stage.

To support my interests in growing the overall awareness and participation levels in triathlon, my executive-level operations and general management expertise, along with my professional accounting designation complement my skillsets to be considered for another term as a returning Board Member. My first term was more educational in nature, as I caught up to the opportunities and challenges faced by Triathlon BC, while this term will be more focused on making a lasting impact armed with a better understanding of the organization itself.

For a more comprehensive review of my career and/or educational background, please refer to my LinkedIn page for more info: Michael Brown, CPA, CMA (


I am a practicing lawyer with 12 years of experience and hope to contribute my legal perspective and skills to Triathlon BC. My law practice covers tax law, corporate law and wills, trusts and estates, including disputes and planning, for both individuals and businesses.  I have completed the CPA In-Depth Tax Courses, and am a member of professional associations in the legal and tax communities.

I bring experience as a Board member for a provincial sports organization, having served Gymnastics BC for approximately 11 years. In that role, I sat as Chair of the governance committee for several years.

I have been participating as an athlete in triathlons over the last decade. I would love the opportunity to give back to the community that I so enjoy being a part of.  I fully support growing, developing and promoting triathlon and multisport for all athletes, particularly in light of the challenges that have or may arise as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

With the combination of my background as a lawyer, experience with a provincial sports organization, and as a passionate Triathlete, I believe I will be able to offer a meaningful contribution to the Board of Directors, and make a positive impact.


I started participating in sprint triathlon when I was 15 years old; it was a fun and unique activity that my mom and I could separately while also doing it together. Once I finished high school, Ididn’t participate in triathlon until I was well into my 30s, when I decided I wanted to challenge myself in trying a standard-length triathlon.  I have really enjoyed my return to the sport – the community is incredibly positive and supportive, which I haven’t experienced in any other organized sport that I have participated in. I’m interested in joining the Triathlon BC Board of Directors in order to be more involved and to give back to the sport that given me so much over the past few years.

To compliment my passion for the sport, I have a strong professional background to draw upon as a Board Director. As a senior level Project Director delivering capital infrastructure projects for the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, I focus on collaboration and common interests to achieve goals.  I work in a professional environment that touches almost all of the categories of skills identified in the call for Board Directors, including Governance, Risk Management, Legal, Financial, Strategic Planning and Business Leadership, making me an ideal candidate for the nomination.


Keith has served in the role of Secretary for Triathlon BC for the past 15 years and it is his goal to continue to be the voice of experience and continuity as it will be vital to have a strong, committed leadership to navigate the coming next few years. In addition to his role as Secretary, he also sits, or has sat, on several Triathlon BC committees including the Technical Committee and bursary application review committee.

Keith joined the triathlon community in 2001 and has served it at the local, national and international level. He has “raced” everything from sprint distance to Iron distance, but now focuses on giving back to the community. He has been coaching track with a local triathlon club for the past several years, and has previously acted as their Run Director and Vice President.

A major focus for Keith is ensuring the safety and fairness of the sport through his role as a technical official. He stared officiating at local races after taking the Provincial Level 1 course in 2001,  and is now a Continental Technical Official, allowing him to take on a variety of roles: everything from being a mount-line official at local races, to being the Race referee for the WTS Elite race held in Edmonton 2016, and he is currently assigned as the Technical Delegate for duathlon at the 2022 World Games.


I was born in Saskatchewan and have been in BC since 1970.  I attended High School in North Vancouver and have Engineering and Commerce Degrees from UBC.  I have two daughters; one at UVic and one at UBC, who both competed in Tri from about ages 4 to 12.   I have been a passionate triathlete for 13 years which has included 98 races in 8 countries in all distances, including 8 World Championships in Triathlon and Duathlon.  I also trained and raced with Team USA for a season in California and was a ranked USAT member.

I have been supported in all my racing by cadres of volunteers and have always tried to give back by volunteering 1:1 with my racing, often in the same race I am doing.  My hope to become a Board Member of Triathlon BC is to continue that giving back, using skills I have honed in my corporate life as CEO, President and COO of a number of successful Green Tech Companies.

I have always been a swimmer, gravitating to open water distance, an avid cyclist, mostly road but have a fleet of different purposed bikes and I get though the run.  I have designed and built my own house and can do every trade in that construction process, designed and built my own run of river electrical power and am an experienced motorcyclist and RV’er.  I have combined my passions and often go to Tri’s via my RV and have built a bike rack for my motorcycle so I can easily get to Van Island with all my Tri gear. (I also built a lift to carry 2 motorcycles on the back of my RV)

I am a builder, from Kid’s toys to companies.  I am an inventor, innovator and entrepreneurial leader in sustainable technology, always striving for excellence and high satisfaction in all stakeholders, including customers, employees and shareholders.  I believe in giving back, have 15 years of Board experience and am in the top 25 of the most blood donations given in Canada. Corporately, I have contributed to most Post Secondary Institutions in BC, most significantly, donated the new Electrical Engineering building at UBC.


I am currently an Elected Director of Triathlon BC and I would be honoured to be elected for a second term. I have a good understanding of the issues facing the organization and have built effective working relationships with my fellow Board members and the Executive Director. One accomplishment I am proud to highlight is my work on an electronic voting sub-committee that guided the transition to an electronic voting platform for the 2020 elections.

As an executive in a rapidly growing biotechnology company, I bring to the Board extensive experience in the organizational strategy and planning, business negotiations, financial acumen, and building high-performance teams. I am an effective communicator and writer, and I enjoy debating issues around a Board table and helping facilitate constructive dialogue to advance and agenda.

I have a keen understanding of good governance through my role as a Director on the Board of the University Neighbourhoods Association, a community council that represents nearly 12,000 residents in the neighbourhoods around UBC.

I take pride in my integrity, sound judgement, accountability, and strong work ethic. By renewing my term on the Board, I would like to continue to give back to a sport that has been a lifelong passion of mine. Overall, I hope to contribute to the continued vibrancy of triathlon in BC. There will be many pandemic-related challenges to overcome in 2021, and this will require creative and dedicated Board members.

Seen Murray’s video HERE.


My name is Kevin Penny and I’ve been involved in the Canadian sport system for over 30 years as a professional administrator, volunteer, coach, educator, and as a Government sport consultant.

I’ve been involved in Triathlon for close to 20 years and was the High Performance and Coaching Manager for Triathlon Western Australia for four years (2012 – 2016). I designed and implemented a high performance program from scratch culminating in it being ranked the number two high performance State program in Australia, just behind Queensland (from no athletes on the national teams in 2012 to 50% of the junior national team, 20% of the U23 and one on the Olympic team by 2016). I also designed and taught coaching courses, established athlete and coaching pathways, and implemented professional development opportunities. Additionally,  I developed coaching resource materials and established a strong Western Australia presence on the national coaching committee.

I wrote Bowls Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development plan and presented on athlete development to the Government of Western Australia’s High Performance Sport Network.

I designed and lead the governance change at Bowls Canada from a representative board to a skills-based board and am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors – Advanced Not-for-Profit Governance Program.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kevin, – MBA, MA Physical Education,  BPHE


I have been a senior executive in organisations around the world for the last 20 years supporting businesses in Finance and Accounting. More recently I have moved in General Management that has included a remit focused on companies support services or back office departments. This has included HR, IT, Legal, Investor Relations, Administration and Facility management.

I have been a board director for Travelocity in the UK, Australia, UAE, South Africa and I’m currently Chief Operations Officer of a private equity company in Vancouver. My current responsibilities include Finance, HR, Legal, IT and Administration.  The business has revenue approaching $300m and a valuation of $100m.

I am an avid triathlete and have competed for Canada at the 2017 World Multisport Championships in Penticton and 2017 World Triathlon Championships in Rotterdam. I qualified to represent Canada again in the Multisport and Triathlon World championships in 2020 that are now deferred to 2021. I am an active member and Treasurer for the Tri Peaks Multisport club in North Vancouver.

I am seeking to be Treasurer of Triathlon BC. I have been involved with the Board for the last year and I would like to expand my role with Triathlon BC to include financial oversight of the organisation. I have a CPA qualification and have been a qualified accountant for the last 20 years. I think my mix of business experience and triathlon experience enables me to bring a balance view between what is best for the long-term organization interests and the triathlon community.