Triathlon BC is pleased to announce the launch of our annual magazine and release of our magazine digital archives.

The TriathlonBC magazine is delivered around the province to mailboxes of annual members of Triathlon BC. With a challenging spring due to COVID-19, this year’s magazine has seen a number of iterations.  Some pieces in the magazine were started in early February, so some content was edited at the last minute for accuracy, and to reflect the many changes that have occured in our sport this year.

Our 2020 magazine features a number of articles including:

  • Welcome to Larry Feagan, New Triathlon BC Chair
  • Triathlon Family: Matt and Barb Sharp
  • Life, Fuel + Recover: How to train into Menopause
  • Feet First! Keeping them Strong Injury Free
  • How Canada Looks for Tokyo 2020 (2021)
  • Discovering Triathlon as a Lifestyle
  • Achilles Tendon Pain 101
  • and Much More!

Check out this year’s edition of the TriathlonBC Magazine!

Triathlon BC Magazine Digital Archives: Triathlon BC has also created a digital archive.  This archive allows access, from cover to cover, of the last 6 years of Magazines.  Content in each of our magazines has a wonderful variety of articles reflecting our Community, providing great insights into our sport, from Officials, Pros, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Age Groupers and Coaches.

A list of magazine titles and links have been featured below.

  • 2020 Magazine – Staying Strong: How we look for Tokyo
  • 2019 Magazine – 2020 Build: Vision from Triathlon Canada
  • 2018 Magazine – Island Strong: New CX Race, Great Training Grounds
  • 2017 Magazine – Symonds “Gets Ugly”
  • 2016 Magazine – You got it going on, BC
  • 2015 Magazine – The Coaching Issue

Jump  to the magazine archives HERE