This document establishes the Eligibility and Selection criteria for entry in to ALL ITU Multisport Events including the 2020 ITU Multisport World Championship (MWC).

Triathlon Canada is committed to selecting the highest performing team using clear selection methods, and in accordance with International Triathlon Union (ITU) entry criteria. The primary goal is to achieve podium performances at ITU multisport events.

This selection policy applies to all categories and events defined by the ITU as ‘multisport’.


a. Be a Canadian citizen;
b. Be members in good standing with a Triathlon Provincial Sport Organization;
c. Be in good standing with Triathlon Canada;
d. Have a current Triathlon Canada International Competition Card;
e. Participate fully with Team Canada as per the Triathlon Canada Athlete Agreement;
f. Must have an ITU legal Triathlon Canada race suit;
g. Adhere to and comply with all ITU eligibility.


Subject to the available quotas spots per gender, category and event, eligible athletes will be selected in priority order as per the following criteria:
Note: All athletes selected for quota spots will be placed on the ITU wait list by Triathlon Canada. Final start list is governed by ITU rules
Note: Triathlon Canada will not place over quota athletes onto the waitlist till AFTER the start list has been generated by the ITU (*pending confirmation with ITU)
Note: All performance criteria are based on Professional, Elite, U23 and/or Junior results. Age Group results are not valid.

Please click HERE to download Triathlon Canada’s full Multisport Event Selection Policy.