Canadian Sport Institute Pacific 2021 Eligibility Criteria – Updated 17/12/20

As one of only a handful of Enhanced Excellence targeted sports, the Canadian Sport Institute invests in Triathlon BC to deliver the next generation of Olympic bound athletes.  Identified athletes, 16 to 23 years of age, capable of achieving demanding swim and run standards, and their listed coaches, are eligible to receiving varying levels of support throughout 2021.

The Canadian Development and Provincial Development Level 1 and 2 nominations target athletes that are 5 to 12 years from the Olympic podium, identified by the Triathlon BC’s Podium Pathway and Triathlon Canada’s Gold Medal Profile. These athletes represent both the Next Gen[eration] (5-8 years from Podium) and Future Gen[eration] (9-12 years from Podium) of Olympic and Paralympic (or World Championship) medalists.

Triathlon BC, in cooperation with Canadian Sport Institute / PacificSport and in partnership with Triathlon Canada, have created sport specific criteria for selection to the Triathlon BC/CSI Nomination List. Athletes showing evidence of meeting or surpassing the criteria can be nominated by Triathlon BC.  Once approved by the CSI, athletes and their recognized coaches and start gaining benefits offered though carding.

If you are a performance oriented athlete, 16 to 23 years of age, capable of meeting the identified performance standards, please use the application criteria provided below, submitting the application to Triathlon BC electronically to have your application reviewed.

Click on the following to view the  2021 Triathlon BC CSI-P Eligibility Criteria and Application.