On December 4-5, 2021 all Triathlon BC CSI-P registered athletes will have the opportunity to attend the assessment/ testing camp in Whistler BC. As with previous camps, there will be an educational component as well as an opportunity to benchmark current fitness and inform areas to improve training targets for the coming 2022 racing season.

All CSI-P registered athletes are expected to attend the December 4 & 5 Assessment Camp.

For CSI-P registered athletes hoping to be select for the Triathlon BC 2022 Canada Summer Games (CSG) team, this camp is mandatory for eligibility. As laid out in the diagram in Table 1.1, CSI-P registered athletes are not required to complete a performance test at this camp, but they must submit a 200m swim and 1500m run verified time (video recorded with youtube.com link or from a sanctioned race with result link) that falls within the top 50% of times from non-CSI-P registered athletes. These times may be from time trials or from races that were completed between January 1st, 2021- December 31st, 2021. If times submitted do not fall within the top 50%, athletes will have the opportunity to resubmit times meeting the performance benchmark before March 8, 2022 to remain eligible for the spring eligibility camp.

Athletes that are not eligible for the CSG will not be required to submit performance times.

Traveling within BC in early December can present some challenges due to weather, please plan accordingly.

Triathlon BC will be covering the cost for a single room accommodations for CSI-P registered athlete and registered coaches for the nights of December 3rd and 4th at the Whistler Athlete Center (WAC).

ACTION REQUIRED: Athletes and coaches must contact Coach Kelly at Kelly@tribc.org before 5pm October 22nd, 2021 to secure your room. After this deadline – 5pm on October 22nd – accommodations will be the sole responsibility of the athlete or coach. If you do not wish to stay at the WAC, you will be responsible for securing your own accommodation and expense.

Camp Cost:
Triathlon BC will be covering the cost of the testing and assessments for registered CSI-P athletes. Coaches that do not intend to integrate the data collected from these assessments into their Daily Performance Environment (DPE) may opt out of some testing and assessments. Please contact Coach Kelly to discuss further.

Athletes will be responsible for all travel, and personal expenses such as food and accommodation if not staying at WAC.

Camp Activities:
Athletes will have the opportunity to have their physiology tested through an incremental lactate assessment completed on a running treadmill, functional movement screening and Strength & Conditioning programming, medical screen (including blood panel and ECG requisitions), access to a mental performance consultant and nutritionist.

Social and team building activities will be determined based on the current COVID-19 conditions at the time of the camp.

All athletes and coaches must show proof of vaccination in order to attend the Whistler camp. Personal face masks must be worn at all times when indoors (unless eating, during physiological testing or in your personal accommodation. Frequent hand washing and physical distancing will be required at all times. Athletes should have personal hand sanitizer with them at all times and use it frequently. Daily attestations will be required by all athletes and coaches on December 3rd, 4th and 5th. These attestations of good health must be texted to Coach Kelly before 7:30am each morning.

Request for Attendance Exemption:
To allow for planning and booking of sport scientists, if you are unable to attend the Whistler Camp due to being out of the province for the attendance of school or family circumstance, you must contact Coach Kelly a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the camp to request an exemption. Within your request for exemption, please state your reason for not attending and your plan to meet the expectations being fulfilled at the camp. The Triathlon BC HP Committee will respond to your request as soon as a decision has been finalized.