Billed as Western Canada’s hotbed of athlete development, the BC SuperSeries is home to performance-minded provincial athletes between the ages of 13 and 23. With a distinguished history of hosting an alumni of athletes that have successfully gone on to represent Canada at international events, the SuperSeries’ overarching aim is to increase high performance awareness across BC, and, ambitiously, land home-grown athletes on to the startline at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.  

2020 marks the Series’ fifth year anniverrsary, showing excellent year-on-year growth across each of the Series’ age categories. The skill intensive draft legal racing mimics the demands of higher-level competition, where technical skill and tactical savvy are key to success.

“We’re thrilled with the momentum and growth of the Series, and seeing the progression in performance that the kids are capable of delivering from year to year is truly inspiring,” said North Shore Triathlon Race Director, Nick Lynn, an event that has been part of the Series since its inception.

“The SuperSeries allows our athletes to develop the skills that are critical to success in higher level competition, and is a cost-effective way to fine tune skills, creating a more robust racer, without the need to leave the province,” explained Kelly Guest, Triathlon BC’s Provincial Coach. “Not only are we seeing more competent and healthier athletes, we’re also seeing development among our performance-oriented coaches and clubs that are invested in the Series!”

Athletes earn points at each of the designated Series events, based on where they finish behind the leader. Series points are accumulated based on an athlete’s best 4 of 5 finishes. Courtesy of Triathlon BC’s presenting sponsor, Argon 18 Bicycles, overall Male and Female Junior Champions are each awarded with an Argon-18 race-spec carbon bicycle.

Five events make up the 2020 SuperSeries:

*Note: Enriched points allocation are awarded at the Provincial Championships.

A discounted Series Discount for athletes registering for two or more events at one time will be available.

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