As of 9:00 PST, the Air Quality Index for the Victoria and South Island region is 10+ as recorded by the Government of Canada.   This is a result of the smoke from large forest fires in Washington State and California as well the shifting winds from yesterday’s wind storms. As of 3:00pm on Monday afternoon, Environment Canada has issued a blanket special air quality statement for all of Vancouver Island and the southern mainland. The Metro Vancouver area is predicted to experiences some increases to air quality over the next 12 hours.  Please refer to your local authorities for up to date information.

Due to the inherent health risks, Triathlon Canada is advising all athletes to train indoors today until the air quality index drops to acceptable levels.

A special advisory from Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and their Chief Medical Officer is posted below.

The air quality in Victoria has been poor today (September 8th) due to nearby forest fires. As of 8am it was listed as 10 on a scale of 1 (lowest measure) to 10+. At this time it is recommended that all athletes with cardiorespiratory conditions avoid exercising outdoors. This includes athletes that have asthma, even mild forms.

All athletes and staff should consider avoiding outdoor exercise until the air quality improves. The recommendations for outdoor activity based on the current air quality can be found at this link:

Athletes with cardiorespiratory conditions should avoid exercising outdoors when the Air Quality Index is 7 or above and considering modifying outdoor activity when the Air Quality Index is 4-6.

Athletes with no specific cardiorespiratory conditions should avoid exercising outdoors when the air quality is at the highest level, 10+, and considering modifying outdoor activities when the air quality is 7-10.

You can check the current air quality in Victoria at this Government of Canada link: