Dairy Farmers of Canada is giving away 30 grants of $5,000 each to deserving female athletes, teams, or organizations.

The Champions Fund awards grants to deserving female athletes, teams, or organizations, providing the financial support needed to pursue their athletic goals.

Anyone from Canada’s female athletic community aged 13 and older can apply, or apply on behalf of their team, tournament, camp or program.

While the application period is open for a given year, you can apply by creating a profile and answering a few questions about your passion for Canadian female athletics. From there, you can share your profile on social media.

Our Champions Fund selection committee is in charge of reviewing the applications and deciding on the most-deserving grant recipients.

What You Need to Apply 

Applying for the Champions Fund is simple. Check out the list below, or explore the full eligibility information.

Applicants need:

  • A minimum of one inspiring photo that shows you in action (up to 3, in landscape orientation)
  • A link to a video on YouTube of you performing (note: this is optional)
  • Contact information (full name and email)

Not sure who qualifies?

Grants from the Fund are available to residents of Canada who are;

  • Aged 13 years, or older,
  • Will be using the Grant to directly benefit female sport participation in their role as one or more of the following:
    • Athlete – an individual who participates in sport, from grassroots through to high-performance. The athlete may participate in either individual or team sports.
    • Leader/Organizer of a:
      • Team – a collection of 2 or more Athletes who regularly compete in sport, together as a single unit.
      • Tournament – a structured environment where teams, or individual athletes, participate in a designated sport (or sports) in a series of games or competitions against others. There may, or may not, be compensation in some form for participants.
      • Non-Profit Sports Camp – a supervised sport environment for individual athletes or teams to participate in sport practice and/or competition, either delivered in single or multi-day sessions. The entity delivering said camp must be a not for profit organization, with official legal status as such.
      • Recreation Program – a sport-based recreation program, operated by a not-for-profit organization or government entity, that allows Canadians to participate in sport – in either a structured (formal league, teams, etc.) or unstructured (drop–in, casual) manner.

To learn more about the Champions Fund and to Apply, please click HERE.

Note: The deadline for submissions is noon on September 20th, 2017. This year’s 30 grant recipients will be announced on October 20th, 2017.