RBC Training Ground is a program designed to help sport officials uncover athletes with Olympic podium potential, in sports they may not have considered. Athletes between the ages of 14 and 25 execute a series of workouts measuring speed, power, strength, and endurance in front of coaches and officials from National Sport Organizations (NSOs). The participants’ results are measured against performance benchmarks to determine an athlete’s capacity for sport at its highest level.

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Why is the age range 14 to 25 years?
The age range of 14 to 25 years aligns with long-term athlete development stages and the Canadian Sport for Life program. This age range allows us to capture those early and late stage Olympic potential athletes and the probability of identifying an athlete below or above these age ranges is very small.

How do I/does my child compare against the performance benchmarks?
Each sport requires different skills and the performance benchmarks vary by NSO and take age and gender into account. Athletes that participate in a Regional Final will receive a custom report card and access to an online portal with sport-specific training tips. Visit RBCTrainingGround.ca and go to ‘Exercises’ to compare results against the benchmarks.

How are you selecting those who attend the RBC Training Ground Finals regional final events?
Coaches and talent identification representatives from the 14 participating national sport organizations (NSO) select the top 100 athletes based on their performance at the local qualifier events. They are looking for athletes who met or exceeded the predetermined benchmarks set by each of the sports.

How long will the regional final take?
Participants should expect to be at the event for the full eight hours. During this time, the athletes will register, weigh in and be briefed by RBC Olympians before the testing begins. Athletes will then be tested in pre-determined waves, based on their results from the local qualifier event.

How will you select the Top Performer from each Regional Final?
The Top Performer is selected by a committee of coaches, talent identification representatives and RBC Training Ground team members based on their overall athletic performance. Athletes who demonstrate the best scores in each of the four testing areas – speed, strength, power, and endurance – will also receive recognition.

The Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, part of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute (COPSI) Network, serves as the official delivery partner for RBC Training Ground in BC.