Description:  In this session, CSI Pacific’s Dietitian Vanessa Zoras discusses:

  • Challenges of travel, especially when crossing multiple time zones
  • What to know about your destination before you travel, to ensure you’ll be prepared
  • Practical ideas and examples for how to optimize nutrition while travelling including:
    • Maintaining energy and hydration
    • Keeping from over or undereating
    • Preventing muscle loss (esp. overseas travel)
    • Helping re-set your body clock when crossing time zones (dealing with jet-lag)
    • Minimizing illness by supporting your immune system
    • Going through examples of travel scenarios

Date: Tuesday, August 6th @ 6pm

Where: Online via webinar (access link will be sent to those who register on day of event)

Who: This workshop is open to CSI-P carded athletes (Podium/Canadian Elite/Canadian Development/Provincial Development) and registered coaches only.

Presenter:  One of Canadian Sport Institute Pacific’s Dietitian’s, Vanessa Zoras, is a true superstar when it comes to athletic nutrition. Providing nutrition seminars and hands-on culinary sessions to athletes, parents, and coaches in a variety of sports to improve knowledge and habits that influence performance. Zoras has applied performance nutrition and culinary knowledge to develop three two-week menu plans, write food preparation task lists and schedules, and cater meals for seven Cycling Canada athletes prior to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.