Hello Athletes, Coaches and Partners,

The 2019 season has come to an end and we are now preparing for the 2020 season and beyond.  With 238/270 days till the Olympic and Paralympic Games respectively, it is time to both reflect and look forward.

2019 was a step forward for the whole High Performance community.  Whether it was multiple wins at the Tokyo Test Event, the medal winning performance at Pan Am Games, podiums at all levels of ITU racing or more Canadians moving through the podium pathway, everyone had a part to play.

However, race results are only one metric of success.  What is important to me is the increasing buy-in to the performance mindset.  Athletes are competing at the appropriate level, but more importantly they are starting to achieve tangible levels of success.  Coaches are lifting their daily training environments to begin reflecting the demands of competition.  Evolution and adaptation are critical in such a dynamic environment like sport. It is encouraging to see the community begin to do so.

Season end is a good time to take stock of our successes but also to analyze our gaps.  Though we have begun to move forward, we can always improve.  As I have stated in previous communications, I am confident that true high performing people lean into what is the hardest.  They always lift to the highest common denominator, not the lowest.  They look for what is uncomfortable, relish the change and actually avoid what is comfortable or self validating.  Benchmarks, criteria or policies are there because we believe in your ability not the contrary.  Continue to lift and you will lift those around you.  Hold yourself and others to the highest standards; on the field of play and off.

I want to take the time to ensure credit is given to not just the athletes, but coaches, provincial partners, IST staff and the friends/families that have bought into the shift over the past three years.  The goal has always been to implement policies and protocols that would underpin the culture to ensure more Canadian athletes can maximize their potential.  To challenge the status quo, continually create healthy tension and face conflict professionally, is never easy.  However, they are absolute necessities to create a high performing environment.

For 2020, you will see further alignment of our polices and our 2024 High Performance Plan. In the next few weeks, 2020 event selection policies will be released, as well as other important communication regarding the Triathlon Canada High Performance community.  There will be changes, as usual, to further refine the elements within the HP community that leads to success.  Take your time to review them and plan accordingly.

Continue your hard work, commitment to the sport and drive to be better.  It is now time to start looking even further ahead.  Ask yourself, ‘What are critical pieces of my HP mindset or daily training environment that I can adopt or refine in 2020 that will help me achieve my 2020, 2024 and 2028 goals?’

Preparation and process are the keys to success.

Congratulations to all of you in 2019.  From those that stood on the podium or incrementally improved upon their previous year (whether on the field-of-play or off), continue to rise.  Always be better.

Have a great rest of 2019 and a fruitful 2020.


Eugene Liang

High Performance Director | Directeur de la haute performance