The role of the Host Society Sport Chair is essentially the sport specific tournament director responsible for managing the competition and venue set up. A more common reference in the sport of Triathlon is ‘Race Director.’

Due to the pandemic, the 55+ BC Games have been cancelled in 2020 and 2021, and are making their return debut in Victoria, BC, and will be taking place over the week of September 13 through 17, 2022.  The 55+ BC Games is an annual multi-sport event produced by the BC Seniors Games Society for 55+ population of BC to participate in the 20 to 29 individual Sports.  Close to 3,500 athletes from across the province participate in these Games!

There is one Sport Chair for every sport in the Games, however Sport Chairs are encouraged to recruit an Assistant Sport Chair as well set up a committee structure of volunteers that works for them.

The role of the Sport Chair includes:

  • Lead and organize all aspects of the sport competition during the 55+ Games.
  • Understand and implement the sport specific rules as established by the BC Seniors Games Society.
  • Attend Host Society Sport Chair meetings (called periodically throughout the planning phase by the Director of Sport). These are key planning meetings for the delivery of sports and preparedness for the Games.
  • Understand the multi sport Games organization structure. Work collaboratively with the other Games Directorate areas (i.e. Information Technology Systems, Medical, Protocol (Hosts and Medals Presentations), Security, Administration (Warehouse), Registration & Results). These Directorate areas will help you deliver services to the participants.
  • Participate in a Sport Venue Tour approximately 5 months prior to the Games.
  • Manage volunteers and ensure that sufficient officials and other sport specific volunteers are available during the Games. Make sure to have a copy of the most up to date rules, approved schedule and volunteer schedule available during competition.
  • Consult and communicate regularly with Triathlon BC, understanding the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide sanctioning, level of standard, equipment, officials, and other needs.
  • Draft the sport specific competition schedule for approval by the Rules Committee of the BC Seniors Games Society.
  • Draft the Medal presentation times. This is very helpful for the planning and delivery of those people supporting medal presentations.
  • Venue name and address, so participants know where they are competing.
  • Prepare a final report upon completion of the Games.

While this is a volunteer position offered by the BC Seniors Games Society, Triathlon BC will offer an honorarium to the successful individual named to the Sport Chair position.  Interested parties can email Triathlon BC indicating their previous race involvement.

Please note, submission deadline is February 17, 2021.