Due to the increase in Covid numbers and the current PHO restrictions in BC we have POSTPONED the Wasa Triathlon to AUGUST 14/15, 2021.  

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of you. The benefit is we are more likely to actually host the live event, as the vaccine process becomes more complete and the 3rd wave has time to run it’s course. Unfortunately, the Covid situation has hit harder and longer than most of us could of expected. 

I wish to thank BC Parks for working with us the past few weeks to find a solution and allow the event to be rescheduled to a date during their main busy season (our agreement has been to utilize a date in their shoulder season). The event adds to BC Parks workload and we recognize the timing/circumstances create more challenges for them as well, recognizing this we will do our best to minimize those challenges and ask participants to be mindful of this during the event. 

BC Parks is also held to the BC PHO which currently has restrictions on their camping operations. At this time out of province campers cannot book a BC Park site. We will inform registrants If this changes before the event. We will send a list of other camping/accommodation options in an update and have them posted on our website.

At this time many updates need to be applied to the website, social media pages, and registration page. Please be patient as it will take some time to work out the details of the event schedule. Many adaptions will be made to the event in order to align with the likelihood of some PHO restrictions still in place for the summer. The event will run with the basic schedule over the 2 days though each event will be broken down into waves minimizing contact and reducing gathering concerns. Again, we will do our best to manage what we can to host the event. More details and information will be sent in updates over the next few weeks and posted on our Facebook page.

Note:   All registrants have been rolled over to the revised date. Take advantage of the extra time to train and we will continue with updates and look forward to seeing everyone in August. 

Confirmed: We are very pleased Steve King is still going to be joining us at Wasa in August!

Stay healthy and train safe!

Thank you for your patience and support,


The Wasa Triathlon Organizing Team
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