Triathlon BC is thrilled to announce the launch of our very first virtual fitness challenge!  The Great Western Challenge is held in partnership with Triathlon Alberta, and is aimed at spicing up motivation and keeping you active and engaged through the early months of 2021!

Join the Challenge, and in 42 days, complete a series of unique fitness tests to get you safely out the door and into shape! Wholly not based on speed or hyper levels of fitness, the Great Western

Challenge (GWC) rewards consistency, creativity and dedication to ongoing fun and fitness, with prizes awarded for each specified challenge, and a commemorative t-shirt awarded to every registered participant that completes the full series of events!

Open to annual members of Triathlon BC and Triathlon Alberta, we’re hoping to make your pre-season a little more adventurous and a lot more fun, as we each, respecting social distancing guidelines – individually – celebrate good health, fitness and commraderie!

Get ready, because the first challenge kicks off Monday, March 1, 2021!  It’s up to you how you participate; make it wild and share the adventure through your active social channels, turn the wick up and tune each challenge towards the fitness fanatic in you, or keep it low key and use the GWC to spur on fitness with a series of fun, fitness-oriented goals, that will ultimately lead you to a fancy new Challenge t-shirt.


Each challenge can be completed in the time frame that suits you, so long as it’s completed by the Challenge deadline of April 11, 2021.  Prizes will be drawn on the the dates identified in the Event Guide. Remember – you need to complete all challenges to be eligible for the free t-shirt!

FIT-5: Plot your favourite 5km run route, then go out and crush it.  Capture your workout via screenshot of your app, fitness tracker or timer.

BASE BIKE: Sorry, for hardcore indoor riders only! Select your challenge, test your stamina and build your base.

STAIR WE GO: How high can you go? The Stair We Go challenge will have your calves screaming for mercy with an uninterrupted stair climbing (non-stop climbing) challenge. Participants can complete this workout on a step mill, building (restrictions allowing) or set of stairs outside.

ROUND & ROUND: Bring the high stakes excitement of NASCAR oval track racing to your community running track! This challenge is for an indoor or outdoor track work and should be completed while respecting physical distancing guidelines. Are you ready to test your engine?

SWIM WEEK OR PUMP UP THE YAM (Strength, core or yoga sessions): Understanding some of the current limitations with pools, this challenge is a choice which works best for you!
– Think you can pump up your morning strength, core or yoga routine? Pick Pump-up-the-YAM!
– Have access to a pool and are able to still swim? Pick swim week and see how far you can go!

MILEAGE-MAKER: Celebrate being active while staying apart with your club! The Mileage-maker is an award for the most active club. Aggregate mileage or participation, accumulated by an affiliated club.

BONUS: The affiliated club with the most members will receive an exclusive, custom club T-shirt for every member in your club!


A note on health and safety – All participants in this challenge are encouraged to complete these activities within the comfort of their own homes and within their bubbles. Please maintain a safe distance of 3 meters from others if completing the activities.

Did we mention the FREE T-SHIRT!? Yea, that’s right, complete all the challenges within the specified time and get a one-of-a-kind, limited edition, Great Western Challenge T-shirt mailed to your door!