Launched on March 1st, the Great Western Challenge pits athletes from across BC and Alberta in a fun, unintimidating series of challenges that rewards consistency, creativity and dedication to the pursuit of ongoing fitness, with prizes awarded at the end of each challenge.  Participants that complete all five challenges receive a commemorative t-shirt.  Clubs competing in the Mileage Maker Challenge vie for an exclusive t-shirt commemorating their  aggregate participation in the #GWC.

With two of the five Great Western Challenge events done and dusted, where do BC’s affiliated Clubs stand?  More importantly, can any club bust a mid-Challenge move to catch up and pass the Abbotsford Triathlon Club, lead by the enthusiastic Mikey Ross, Thomas Hekl and Elliot Mayhew?  Will Team PMC, taking a balance approach with consistent data uploads from Heidi Luongo, Tammy Huguet and Greg Christensen (among others) bridge the gap to ATC? only time will tell!