Wanting to stay engaged, prepped and ready to race for when the eventual race season returns?

In these challenging times, the Triathlon BC team has come up with some tips, tricks, and things to practice at home that will help you gain some speed for when the racing season returns.  These tips and tricks are coming to you via YouTube video as our newly launched Triathlon BC Free Speed Series.

About the Triathlon BC Free Speed Series

Hosted by Provincial Coach, Kelly Guest, the Triathlon BC Free Speed Series is a number of short videos offering tips to aid in your race performance. The goal of this video series is to provide athletes small pointers that will help them to make gains on their racing time.  The series includes things that can be practiced at home and will be useful once the racing season returns.

Free Speed Series Format

Triathlon BC’s Free Speed series is done as a set of short videos with Provincial Coach Kelly Guest.  Videos are uploaded to our Youtube Channel when they become available and will be shared via our social media channels.  On April 7th, we uploaded our first five videos to our Speed Series Playlist.  More videos will be added to this channel when they are available.

Video Descriptions & Synopsis

The first five videos are tips and tricks that you can easily implement at home.  Short video descriptions can be found below:

  • Video #1 – Introduction: Provincial Coach, Kelly Guest introduces you to himself and the goal behind the series.
  • Video #2 – Clean Bike: The bike is a great way to gain some free speed.   Check out some tips on why you should clean your bike on a regular basis and what to examine.  Clean bikes = Fast bikes!
  • Video #3 – Helmet: How does your helmet make you faster? This video covers tips on properly fit your helmet and some tips on how to train putting your helmet on quickly when in transition.
  • Video #4 – Bike Shoes: Ever wonder how to set up your shoes on your bike so you can do a flying mount quickly? This video gives you step by step instructions for how to get your bike shoes ready for a flying mount. This video works for road cycling shoes or triathlon-specific shoes.
  • Video #5 – Wheel Change: There’s a lot riding on your wheels.  Make sure you know how to change your wheels properly.  This can be useful in a high-performance situation or an everyday practical situation to transport your bicycle safely.

During these challenging times, Triathlon BC wants to help you keep your momentum for the eventual return of our racing season.  The Free Speed Series is focused on helping you gain speed by becoming a faster and more efficient athlete.   Best of all, these tips and tidbits can be practiced at home.

More videos will be released to our YouTube channel once they become available.  Triathlon BC is constantly looking for topic ideas.  Do you have a topic that you want our Provincial Coach, Kelly Guest to cover? Feel free to send a topic request to kelly@tribc.org!