Triathlon Canada’s National Series is made up of identified races selected from within existing provincial series events, with a point system focused towards the 2020 National Championships.

The National Development Series is designed to facilitate the transition from local community events to International Triathlon Union (ITU) racing, through accessibility to high-quality racing opportunities that target multi-event options, geographical balance, and points premiums. The Series aims to familiarize athletes and coaches with the ITU system through incorporation of ITU-like points allocations, ITU-like ranking, and ITU race formats and course profiles.

The National Series is intended for Junior/U23 athletes, who do not have ITU points, and are preparing to move into ITU competition.  Additionally, any athletes in the Junior/U23 categories that are progressing through Triathlon Canada’s Podium Pathway at the Train-to-Train stage of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model or have not been selected to the National Team or National Development Team should compete at the National Development Series level.

Women Top 10 National Series Standings

Rank Last Name First Name Points Province
1 Bessler Keisha 2262.3 BC
2 Beaulieu Noemie 2000.00 QC
3 Feddema Jasmine 1952.08 AB
4 Dumas Claudelle 1882.12 QC
5 Reimer Colette 1703.94 BC
6 Vitoratos Maia 1631.95 BC
7 Coursol Alexandrine 1607.31 QC
8 Simard Claudie 1604.07 QC
9 Wilson Abigail 1550.93 BC
10 Kolesova Natalia 1327.87 SK

See the full women’s standings to July 17th HERE.


Men Top 10 National Series Standings

Rank Last Name First Name Points Province
1 Hoel Lincoln 2202.2 BC
2 Longcroft-Harris Aiden 2200 BC
3 Wright Brody 2175.23 BC
4 Lajoie Jérémy 2111.63 QC
5 Screen Jack 2035.68 BC
6 Laupland Trevor 1810.28 BC
7 Nolet Willian 1741.56 QC
8 Mainville Filip 1607.31 QC
9 Haugan Tate 1568.15 BC
10 Gregor Chris 1402.8 AB

See the full men’s standings to July 17th HERE.

Please note that several athletes have been removed due to age after Drummondville race results were adjusted.

Learn more about Triathlon Canada’s National Development Series HERE.