BC Provincial Vaccine Mandate – September 13th, 2021

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 24th – all adult sport (ie indoor and outdoor sport) must show proof of vaccination in Interior Health under their regional order. Adult sport is defined as those 22 years and older. Interior Health must follow the spectator restrictions outlined by the Provincial Order, outlined below.

Under the current Order, all spectators attending both non-ticketed and ticketed sporting events where there are more than 50 people attending, must show proof of vaccination

A new Provincial Health Order, effective September 13, 2021,  requires proof of vaccination to access certain higher-risk social, recreational, and discretionary events and businesses province-wide to help protect people from COVID-19.

At this time, proof of vaccination is NOT required to participate in OUTDOOR SPORT for any spectators and participants.

The PHO restrictions are for INDOOR activities, including:

  • fitness centres/gyms/adult sports (indoor)
  • indoor group exercise activities
  • discretionary organized indoor group recreational classes and activities
  • indoor ticketed sporting events
  • organized indoor events with 50 or more people (e.g., wedding receptions, organized parties, conferences, workshops)

For INDOOR SPORT Youth (defined as those under the age of 21) are excluded from the Order and are NOT required to show proof of vaccination.

Those who are supporting youth programs (ie coaches, volunteers, officials) are NOT required to show proof of vaccination.

We are awaiting more guidance on the expectation for MIXED age groups.

Clubs and individual members should consult the venue and/or Municipality on their specific requirements and application of the Order.

For INDOOR workshops & clinics with less than 50 participants, proof of vaccination is NOT required.  If there are more than 50 people, proof of vaccination is required. At this time, masks are required in all indoor settings.

Clubs may be responsible for checking adult (22+) members vaccination status participating in INDOOR programs – please refer to your user agreement.  Clubs must have the permission of the individual to keep a record of their vaccination status on file.  Please work with your Municipality/Facility to determine your protocols.


Step 1: Verify proof of vaccination:  You have 2 options to verify proof of vaccination. The most secure option is using the BC Vaccine Card Verifier app. You can also verify proof visually.

Using the app to verify QR codes: Scan a participant’s QR code. The participant may have it on their phone or on a piece of paper. The app will verify their proof of vaccination:

  • Partially vaccinated (accepted from September 13 to October 23)
  • Fully vaccinated


You can perform a visual verification. On a person’s BC Vaccine Card, make sure their name and vaccination details are visible.


To give everyone time to get their BC Vaccine Card, up to and including September 26 people can show other forms of proof of vaccination:

Download examples of British Columbia immunization records (PDF, 1.1MB)

Step 2: Review ID

After verifying proof of vaccination, you must also review ID. By reviewing ID, you match the name listed on the BC Vaccine Card or other form of proof of vaccination with the person you’re verifying.

You don’t need to check ID for youth aged 12 to 18.

Accepted forms of valid government photo ID, for example:

  • B.C. driver’s licence or BC Services Card
  • Passport


Some people may have their legal name on their vaccine card and a preferred or common name on their ID. You may also ask for a secondary piece of ID and use discretion.

Please note that there is no legal precedence on requiring vaccination to be part of a Club or to participate in an OUTDOOR event, you are best to consult with your legal representation before implementing any measures above and beyond the Provincial Health Order.

Triathlon BC is currently working with ViaSport in gathering and providing further information.