Triathlon BC Launches Provincial Club Championship Pennant Race at the Peach Classic

The Triathlon Club Championships, a hotly contested and popular title around the globe, makes its debut in British Columbia at the 2017 Provincial Sprint and Standard Triathlons Championships, being hosted as part of Penticton’s 35th Annual Peach Classic Triathlon, on July 16th.

Regardless of your ability, from seasoned competitor to entry level novice participants, the Club Championships welcomes every competitor, 19 years or older. Each registered, annual member athlete accumulates points based on their age category, and are then contributed to their respective club’s accumulated total.

Athletes need to add their representing provincially sanctioned club name during registration, or any time before noon, July 12, 2017.  Performance results from every athlete on a team will count towards the Club Championship in both the Standard and Sprint distances.

How it works:

  • Each finisher from an affiliated Triathlon BC club receives points, based on the total number of finishers in a given age category, towards an overall club total.
  • Points collected are an aggregate of the Sprint and Standard distance events.
  • Two Club Championship Pennants will be awarded in 2017:
  • Division 1 Clubs, with 8 (or more) athletes participating in the 2017 Peach
  • Division 2 Clubs, with up to 7 athletes participating in the 2017 Peach Classic.
  • A minimum of 3 clubs must be competing in each Division to be awarded a Championship title.

A custom 2017 Club Championship pennant will be awarded to the top Division 1 and Division 2 Club.


  • The only event where points can be earned for the Club Championship title is the 2017 Peach Classic, July 16, 2017.
  • Only annual Triathlon BC affiliated Club Members are eligible to earn points for their club. This does not include members who hold a day membership.
  • Participants purchasing a One Day Membership are ineligible to earn points for any nominated club.
  • Participants need to nominate their affiliated club on their registration form for the Peach Classic Triathlon. Athletes that have already registered must contact Triathlon BC to inform them of the club they wish to represent. The nominated club will be the ONLY club the individual can earn points for. Participants will be responsible for notifying Triathlon BC of their club affiliation no later than noon, Wednesday, July  12th, 2017. It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that they have declared the correct club.

Point Allocations:

  • Points are allocated to the participant’s nominated club and are not tallied against the individual athlete.
  • An athlete can earn points for competing in one wave/event only.
  • Competition points will be allocated as follows:
  • Club Championship points will be distributed based on the number of participants in an athlete’s Age Group category, and their finishing position among eligible competitors in their Age Group category. Competition points will be allocated as follows:
    • 15 or more competitors in an Age Group category – 1st = 15pts, 2nd = 14 pts … 15th = 1 point.
    • 14 or less competitors in an Age Group category – 1st = 10 pts, 2nd = 9 pts … 10th = 1 point.
    • 7 or less competitors in an Age Group category – 1st = 5 pts, 2nd = 4 pts … 5th = 1 point

To earn Club Championship points, athletes 19 and older, must race in the 35th Annual Peach Classic Sprint or Standard distance triathlon in their appropriate Age Group. Club Championship points will be an aggregate of both Sprint and Standard distance finishers.

Athletes must indicate their desire to compete in the 2017 Provincial Club Championships, identifying their affiliated Club, prior to noon, Wednesday, July 12th, 2017. If athletes wish to earn points on behalf of their Club, they must self-identify prior to this date.

Club Championship points allocation will not be provided to athletes who are disqualified or do not complete the course.

Points will only be allocated once all race day information has been verified and final results are posted.