On September 10, top provincial youth and junior athletes hit the water at Kin Beach for the Paradigm Naturopathic Kids Triathlon. This race was the final race in the Triathlon BC Youth & Junior Draft Legal Super Series and is a part of a boarder vision – Project 2024.  Project 2024 was born in late 2015, and is built around the need to provide performance pathway athletes, between the ages of 13 and 19, with an opportunity to participate in a competitive, draft legal environment.

Coming off of the race #2, the Vancouver Triathlon in Stanley Park, the stage was set for an interesting points race.  Jamie Harker (Victoria), Keagan Ingram (Summerland) and Holly Henry (Victoria) had significant leads in their respective categories. However, in the Junior Male category, Aiden Longcroft-Harris (Victoria) and Jackson Konkin (Trail) were tied for the top spot.

In Vernon, athletes completed a 300m Swim, a 2-lap 10km Bike and a 3-lap 2.5 km Run.  Keagan Ingram,  Holly Henry and Jamie Harker solidified their lead in the points standings. In the Junior Male category, consistent performances at races #1 & #2 and a first place finish in the final race meant that Braden Kersey (Vernon) would take top spot in the final points standings.

An average of over 40 athletes took part in the provincial Youth & Junior Draft Legal Super Series and represented 8 clubs in British Columbia.  Links to the final points standings and event photos have been included below.

Final Series Leaderboard:

Youth Female:

  1. Jamie Harker, LiveFit Coaching – 70 pts
  2. Emmajean Neal, Exceleration Triathlon – 52 pts
  3. Danielle Leipoldt, LiveFit Coaching – 50 pts
  4. Maia Vitoratos, Kamloops – 42 pts
  5. Kasha Vitoratos, Kamloops – 34 pts

Youth Male:

  1. Keagan Ingram, Summerland – 75 pts
  2. Ian Aitken, LiveFit Coaching – 56 pts
  3. Trevor Laupland, Kamloops – 52 pts
  4. Bradley Christison, LiveFit Coaching – 36 pts
  5. Brody Wright,  TriMonsters – 27 pts

Junior Female

  1. Holly Henry, National Performance Centre (NPC) – 43 pts
  2. Hannah Mehain, TriMonsters – 39 pts
  3. Annika Ariano, TriMonsters – 38 pts
  4. Colette Reimer, LiveFit Coaching – 36 pts
  5. Natalya Ariano, TriMonsters – 34 pts

Junior Male

  1. Braden Kersey, TriMonsters – 53 pts
  2. Adam Bugera, TriMonsters – 41 pts
  3. Aiden Longcroft-Harris, LiveFit Coaching – 36 pts
    Jackson Konkin, High Altitude Triathlon Club – 36 pts
    Konrad Thummerer, Smithers – 36 pts
    Wyatt Schnare, Surrey – 36 pts

Note: In 2018 and beyond, tie breaking performances will be derived from performances at the Provincial Championship event.

Series Links: