Triathlon BC Announces Spring Youth Draft Clinics

In preparation for the 2017 racing season,  Triathlon BC has planned a series of Youth Draft Clinics.  These clinics are for athletes between the ages of 13 to 19 years old who are interested in learning the skills necessary to participate in a draft legal environment.

Clinics will be led by senior cycling coaches who will provide instruction on the techniques necessary in a draft legal racing environment.  Athletes who demonstrate the relevant competencies will receive a certificate issued by Triathlon BC and will be able to compete in a draft legal environment.  Draft legal certification from Triathlon BC is recognized nationally and internationally.

Clinics are targeted at learning to work in a pack environment, while staying safe,  and building on the skill-set of athletes who already possess the basic cycling competencies.

If you are looking to participate in one of these clinics you are expected to have a road-specific bike with drop bars, possess the basic cycling competencies and be a 2017 Triathlon BC Member.

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