In conjunction with the Sport Medicine Advisory Committee document released last week, current global advisories and Government of Canada bulletins, Triathlon Canada has created a Guiding Document regarding travel and competition recommendations.   Triathlon Canada’s priority is your health and safety.  Our chief concern is travel disruption and reactive quarantine and diminished embassy and or consulate services.

Triathlon Canada is conscious of the constantly changing global reactions to the coronavirus.  Athletes and coaches have the full support of Triathlon Canada to make their own risk averse decisions.  In the absence of a Government of Canada global travel ban, everyone’s competition and travels are at their own discretion, comfort levels and aligned with the Government of Canada advisories.

Triathlon Canada will continue to provide up-to-date information so that you can make informed decisions and be prepared.  Triathlon Canada, along with other National Federations, are working closely with the ITU regarding entries and withdrawals.

Eugene Liang
High Performance Director