We’re in the midst of planning out our 2017 TriathlonBC magazine and our editor, Lara Spence, is reaching out to athletes across BC to work together on content ideas, with an umbrella theme of ‘Excellence in BC: The World is Coming Here!’

Ideas could include:

Cross triathlon; growth in the sport… excitement for more events. What type of athlete does well in this discipline? Are certain age groups taking to Cross more than others? Are mountain bikers transferring over?  Could be personal story. Why you got into it, what you expected, how things surprised you, future, what are athletes looking forward to the most…

Training, Recovery, and Personal Journey articles are fantastic as usual!

Physios, coaches, clubs, individual athletes/parents, trainers, race directors are all welcome to submit.

Fancy yourself a photographer? We’re ALWAYS looking for professional quality shots of our athletes in action!

Please note the submission deadline – Tuesday, February 28, 2017. You can reach Lara at Lara@laraspence.com or directly at 604-324-4020.

For queries about advertising, please contact Triathlon BC.