The path to adventure starts with Cross triathlon! For the uninitiated, Cross triathlon, much like its more common sibling (on-road) triathlon, includes a swim, an off-road trail ride where a mountain bike is essential, immediately followed by a trail run.  Hesitations about wading in to the off-road world?  You shouldn’t have. Each event within the Series caters to every level of athlete, from the entry level newby that’s never set foot off-road, through to the Elite, but don’t take our word for it!

Series events take place on world-class trails carved through lush rain forest, over mountain streams and alongside breathtaking vistas.  With the great outdoors dictating courses, competitors can be assured that no two events will be the same.

“After huge success in our inaugural year, we are thrilled that year two has the Whistler X being part of BC’s Cross Series, and that the event will be a qualifying event for the 2021 ITU World Championships in Australia!” Said Dale Tiessen, Race Director of the Whistler X.

“We want to provide a clear pathway into backyard adventure and a wholly new experience! Our Cross Series is where athletes can work on building new skills and interact with nature more closely, while still maintaining that familiar three sport experience.” proclaimed Allan Prazsky, Triathlon BC Executive Director. “The Cross scene is so family friendly and welcoming, I’m genuinely thrilled to see this Series get off the ground, and the excitement it has already generated throughout the community.”


  • Whistler X TriJune 14
    Renowned globally for its mountain biking, the Whistler X also offers some of the best trail running anywhere, it just seemed obvious to host an off road triathlon in this world class destination!
  • Xterra VictoriaJuly 5
    XTERRA Victoria is a challenging off road triathlon set at beautiful Durrance Lake in Victoria. This area is well known internationally as the home of the Mt. Work Mountain Bike Park and Partridge Hills, with great views and amazing trails.
  • PACE Multisport Dodge City XSeptember 12
    PACE Multisport Dodge City X touts itself as the West Coast’s toughest off-road triathlon, but the spectacular singletrack and jovial, small-town camaraderie make it worth the effort! Relay and half-course sprint options are also available!

“One of the best things about participating in Cross Triathlon is that it helps people achieve something that, for most people, would appear un-achievable! The Series is a fantastic addition to the race calendar, and an exciting opportunity to grow the sport throughout the province with increased exposure.  As a stop on the XTERRA Pan Am Tour, Victoria provides a unique opportunity to race along side some of the top pro athletes in the sport” commented Rob Dibden, Race Director of the Xterra Victoria event.

The points and category format for the Series are still being finalized, and will be in place well prior to the start of the season.  Watch this space as we build out an exciting new Series in BC!