On June 3, 2018,  Triathlon BC will be visiting Cranbrook to deliver a Mad Moto Event.  This event, targets young athletes between the ages of 13-19, introducing aspiring athletes to the rigours 0f the BC Summer Games and Triathlon BC’s performance stream programming.  Athletes of Games’ age, between the ages of 14-15, who are thinking about participating in the BC Summer Games should register for this event.

What is a Mad Moto?

A mad moto is a set of super short draft-legal triathlons that are completed in heats over a short period of time.  The event aims to provide athletes the chance to develop speed, skills and race tactics while having fun at the same time.

Athletes will compete in heats of 9 or less in a short distance triathlon of 200m/2km/ 600m. These heats are repeated until the 2-hour timeframe is complete.  Within the course of 2 hours, athletes can expect to complete about 3 of the short, draft-legal, triathlon.

Mad Moto Course Details:

Swim Course: Mad Moto swim courses are designed to be open water style swimming. Participants can expect a pool swim that involves laps around swim buoys.

Bike Course: The closed bike course will take place in a parking lot where athletes will complete 4 500m loops.  The lap out rule will apply for this course.

Run Course: The run 600m run course will be completed on a cement and or mixed service.

Cranbrook Event Details:

  • Date: June 3
  • Time: 10am-12pm
  • Location: Western Financial Place
  • Mad Moto Facilitator: Kelly Guest
  • Cost: $20.00

Volunteers for this event are needed!  If you are able to volunteer to assist with set-up and safety monitoring please contact programs@tribc.org today!

About Triathlon BC
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