Due to the restrictions set by the Provincial Health Office, on Sunday, October 4th, Triathlon BC held its 32nd Annual General Meeting online – the first online AGM in the Association’s history! Among the routine housekeeping motions, Board elections also took place, which included many skilled candidates vying for the Treasurer and Secretary positions, in addition to four Member at Large positions.

Welcome New & Returning Board Members

Triathlon BC welcomes returning Board members Stewart Scott, who steps in to the Treasurer’s position and Keith Iwasaki, continuing his service as the Association’s Secretary.

We also applaud returning Board members, Murray McCutcheon, Michael Brown and Troyce Beglaw, who continue their service again for the 2020/21 Term.

“Thank you, for your vote of support and confidence,” said returning Board member, Troyce Beglaw, “we are going to navigate through a few some speed bumps as we return to sport over the coming months, but we will do it safely, fairly and with your best interests always at the center.”

“I’m excited to be re-elected and look forward to working with the Board and Triathlon BC Staff for another two years,” mentioned Murray McCutcheon, who returns to the Board after completing a two year term.

Triathlon BC welcomes newcomer Andrea Damiani to the Board, who states “I am honoured to have been selected to serve as Director at Large for Triathlon BC, and look forward to contributing my legal, board and triathlete perspectives in supporting and growing our sport.”

“After an eight-month evaluation process, our Board elections went virtual for the first time in 2020,” exclaimed Board Chair, Larry Feagan. “I am very happy to report that the voting platform went without a hitch, with voting turnout at record numbers, up some 300% over previous years! I was thrilled to see the number of skilled candidates showing interest in the Board openings, and am excited to work with the new Board as we move to move the sport forward in a safe manner.”

Triathlon BC 2020/21 Board of Directors

Larry Feagan, Chair (elected 2019, 2-year term)
Stewart Scott, Treasurer  (elected 2020, 2-year term)
Keith Iwasaki, Secretary  (elected 2020, 2-year term)
Susie Ernsting, Director at Large (elected 2019, 2-year term)
Barbe Sharpe, Director at Large (elected 2019, 2-year term)
Michael Brown, Director at Large (elected 2020, 2-year term)
Troyce Beglaw, Director at Large (elected 2020, 2-year term)
Murray McCutcheon, Director at Large (elected 2020, 2-year term)
Andrea Damiani, Director at Large (elected 2020, 2-year term)

Triathlon BC is grateful to have this diverse group of professionals on the Board, utilizing their unique skills, expertise and perspectives to further our aim to be the leading multisport organization in Canada, and fulfilling our mission of ‘developing, supporting and promoting the sport throughout the province by providing opportunities to participate and compete.’

We thank all of the candidates that sought a Board position in 2020, and look forward to engaging with all members over the coming year.

Faith Wells Retiring

Long time Board member Faith Wells, Treasurer since 2008, is retiring in 2020 to pursue her passion for distance running and fitness. A past recipient of Sport BC’s President’s Award and Triathlon BC’s Volunteer of the Year, Faith Wells has been an integral part of the Triathlon BC team for close to 13 years.  Under her leadership as Treasurer, she has made quantifiable changes to Triathlon BC’s business structure; ensuring sustainability, streamlining financial systems and helping Triathlon BC incorporate contemporary business practices.

“Working alongside Faith for so long, I have learned an incredible amount,” said Allan Prazsky, Executive Director.  “On behalf of the Board and Staff, we thank Faith for her boundless energy and dedication she has shown Triathlon BC over so many years. I sincerely wish Faith well in her retirement pursuits.”