On August 24th, the Province of BC moved into Phase 3 for Sport, slowly opening new opportunities for participants across the province.  Within Phase 3, regional competitions will be permitted, while inter-provincial competitions continue to be restricted.

Return to Sport Documents

  • Triathlon BC’s Board approved, sport specific reference document, Return to Sport, released in early June can be found HERE.
  • An addendum to the document, released August 24th  and speaking to BC’s Phase 3 Opening, can be found HERE.
  • Triathlon Canada’s comprehensive COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Mitigation Toolbox can be found HERE
  • viaSport Return to Sport Guidelines for Phase 3 can be found HERE.

Phase 3 Summary Highlights:

  • It is the responsibility of each athlete, coach, and official to undertake their own personal risk assessment and determine whether they are willing and able to return to sport at this time. It is important to understand that no guidelines can eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 that may result from participating in a public event.
  • Regional & Provincial Competitions
    • It is recommended that individuals remain primarily within their region when traveling for sport in order to limit the number of groups that they are coming into contact with.
    • Inter-provincial competitions are not recommended at this time.
    • If an individual chooses to travel internationally, they are required to self-isolate for 14 days under both provincial and federal orders upon return to Canada
  • Sanctioned events must be adapted to accommodate physical distancing requirements set by the Provincial Health Office:
    • Close physical proximity should be minimized as much as possible during the event.
    • Physical Distancing (Minimum of 2 meters separation) should be maintained when not competing.
    • Current guidelines limit group gatherings to a maximum of 50 participants and continued use of physical distancing and hygiene measures. See PHO Order.
  • Maximum group size counts need to consider everyone that is in the facility / attending the event – staff, coaches, participants, spectators, etc.
    • There must be sufficient space in the venue to allow for physical distancing between people; this means that in a smaller venue, occupancy limits may be much less than 50.
    • Events may host multiple competition blocks over the course of a single day or weekend only if:
  • Each competition adheres to the Maximum of 50 people.
  • There is no cross over among athletes between competition blocks. For the avoidance of doubt, an athlete may only compete as part of a single competition block. Officials/Volunteers may work multiple competition blocks as long as physical distancing and hygiene guidelines are adhered to.
  • Time must be scheduled between competition blocks to conduct a thorough cleaning of venue and equipment.
  • All Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Spectators/Parents/Guardians are required to register for the event. Registrations must be completed online, no late entries onsite. (No cash transactions).
  • Contact information must be retained for thirty days in case there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officer, in which case the information must be provided to the medical health officer.
  • Participants in clinics, camps and sanctioned events will be asked to complete an athlete attestation and assumption of risk.
  • All personnel, including athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, etc., must complete a daily symptom screening questionnaire to ensure that each person entering the site does not present COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All competitions will need to adhere to current health guidelines including physical distancing and hygiene measures.

Regional Variances:

  • Conditions and cases vary across the province. In some regions, municipalities, cities, and communities there may be additional restrictions in place as directed by the Local Health Authorities. Clubs and Race Directors are required to work with their Local Health Authorities and facilities to return to sport in home communities.