With the continued changes and challenges facing race organizers both domestically and internationally, the confirmation of any events is still skeptical at best.  We are aware that each region or training group are at varied levels of COVID related guidelines and we continue to wait on what the international calendar will look like in terms of multiple risk assessments. However, it does not change the fact that we all have specific goals, both short term and long term, that we must continue to focus on.  Additionally, those athletes that are AAP, IOC or OTP funded are expected to be focused on preparation and continue to demonstrate a progression towards Tokyo 2021.

ALL AAP supported athletes/coaches or those I reach out to directly must submit a training plan with a peak for September 4-11 no later than July 17, 2020 at 900 PST. 

PSO programs, it would be best to align your program to have athletes focus on peaking in that window.

That being said, we are all on the same page now with no foreseeable legitimate competition window that is relevant to the athlete pool.

Triathlon Canada will be targeting the week of September 4-11, as a ‘Performance on Demand Week’ that will be a goal for all Olympic/Paralympic stream athletes (Junior, U23 and Elite).  This provides 8 weeks of specific training as of today.  All athletes should be focused to perform during this week.  Those athletes targeting Tokyo 2021 and are eligible or close to eligible as determined by the ITU qualification criteria may be compared using this format.  The format will be dependent on what will become viable in the next few weeks.

If races continue to be limited AND domestic travel is still considered to be a risk, we will execute the following format (specific distances and protocols for each category of athlete will be communicated in the near future):

  • Swim time trial on Saturday, September 5, 2020
  • Bike test on Monday, September 7, 2020
  • Run time trial on Wednesday, September 9, 2020


  1. If viable domestic races or events can be created for that window, we will communicate that immediately.
  2. If viable international races can be accessed with minimal risk, we will communicate that immediately.
  3. Any combination of the above may be implemented.

Nonetheless, please be ready to perform during the week of September 4-11.  I will work with specific provinces and training programs to coordinate accordingly.

To reiterate, all coaches and athletes should now plan a 8 week block of specific training to be ready for performance on demand during the week of September 4-11.   Please work with your local facilities to ensure you have access on those dates.  I will work with the Sport Institutes and affiliated facilities to ensure access for targeted Tokyo 2021 athletes for the bike test if needed to ensure valid and reliable data acquisition.

Lastly, PSO/private coaches that have youth athletes, this would a great exercise as well for them to target a specific window of preparation.  When I communicate specific formats, I will include something that aligned with Triathlon Canada development philosophy for youth athletes that you can implement.


Eugene Liang
High Performance Director