Triathlon Canada uses International Competition Cards (ICC) to identify and manage athletes eligible to compete for Canada in the Elite*, U23 and Junior categories at events sanctioned by the International Triathlon Union.

*Elite includes Elite Triathlon, Elite Paratriathlon, Elite multisport and associated triathlon Professional License (i.e. Ironman, Challenge and similar events).

All Canadian triathletes who wish to compete as Elite, U23 or Juniors need a valid ICC.

ITU sanctioned events include all events listed on the ITU website, such as Continental Cups, CAMTRI North American Junior Championships, CAMTRI Junior Championships, World Cups, World Triathlon Series events, all World Championships, etc.


The following updated information is applicable to triathlon ICC’s only. Multisport and paratriathlon ICC’s require different criteria.

Triathlon Canada will be simplifying the process for athletes wishing to obtain the International Competition Card (ICC) in 2017.

By eliminating the performance based requirement for an ICC, Triathlon Canada is encouraging all eligible Canadian triathletes to experience the entry level ITU events known as Continental Cup competitions.


An ICC grants access to a number of Triathlon Canada benefits and resources;

  • The only way for an individual athlete to enter an ITU race is through a National Federation,such as Triathlon Canada. Your ICC gives you access to the ITU entry system managed by Triathlon Canada;
  • For events where National Federations have a limited entry quota (i.e. Junior World  Championships, WTS events, etc.), Triathlon Canada establishes selection policies to ensure a fair and transparent entry process;
  • Triathlon Canada provides sport accident insurance for all ICC holders competing outside of Canada. The coverage applies to the ITU published dates of the official course preview throughrace day(s);
  • Access to the ITU recognized Triathlon Canada competition uniform is granted to athletes with an ICC who earn entry into a ITU Championship event (i.e. CAMTRI Championships, WorldChampionships, World Cup, WTS or WTS Grand Final);
  • At major events, Triathlon Canada will have ITU Accredited coaching staff on hand to assist
  • Coaches of ICC holders can request official ITU Coach Accreditation for events they areattending;
  • All ICC holders are enrolled in the Triathlon Canada National Athlete Pool with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. This relationship helps to ensure a fair and level playing field.


In brief, a 2017 Triathlon ICC is available to all triathletes who have proficiency in draft legal triathlon competition, as demonstrated through evidence of competing in draft legal Youth, Junior, U23 or Elite events the previous season, at the ITU, Triathlon Canada or Provincial level as well as ITU draft legal agegroup events. Eligibility to compete in ITU events is subject to all Triathlon Canada 2017 selection policies and ITU rules (i.e. competition rules, uniform rules, etc.) Athletes who apply themselves to the pursuit of excellence and get multiple podium finishes at the Continental Cup level earn access to World Cups. From there, athletes earning multiple World Cup podiums will gain access to the World Triathlon Series. Full details on World Cup and WTS eligibility are available in the 2017 selection policies on the Triathlon Canada website.


  1. For 2017, all Triathlon Canada Juniors competing in ITU events MUST have an International Competition Card. This change is required to ensure Triathlon Canada is fully compliance with the 2017 ITU Rule requiring that Juniors competing in any ITU event must complete a preparticipation medical (PPE);
  2. The PPE is in place to ensure the health and wellness of all junior participants. Triathlon Canada is working to set up a process (and expects to have the process finalized for February 1, 2017) for collecting and managing this information while respecting privacy and confidentiality in compliance with the Canadian Medical Health Act, including parental/guardian consent where necessary. Triathlon Canada’s lead physician is working with us to ensure all necessary information is collected and follow-up procedures are in place;
  3. Triathlon Canada is aware of the tight deadlines on this aspect of ITU compliance and we are working on solutions. The PPE online questionnaire takes approximately 10-15 minutes to fill-in, followed by a visit to your family doctor or general practitioner with details on the ITU required heart health exam;
  4. All Junior ICC applicants will receive a link to the PPE questionnaire as soon as it is ready. Only the Triathlon Canada lead physician, athletes and their parents can see this medical information;
  5. 2017 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: The 2017 Triathlon Canada National Championships for Juniors, U23 and Elite are the 2017 Ottawa CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon Premium American Cup on June 17-18, 2017. As this event is an ITU event, all Junior, U23 and Elite participants must have a Triathlon Canada ICC to compete in this event.


The on-line application for the 2017 ICC will be available as soon as the PPE is finalized. Elite and U23 athletes who urgently need an ICC are asked to email Alan Carlsson at Triathlon Canada.


Please contact Alan Carlsson at Triathlon Canada