Governed worldwide by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and upholding the Olympic and Paralympic ideals of solidarity and fair play, Triathlon Canada provides governance, resources and leadership for athletes seeking to achieve gold medals at the highest levels of competition in the sport of Triathlon as recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and, the ITU.

Triathlon Canada, as set out in its new 2017- 2020 Strategic Plan, is committed to:

  • bringing our country together under one Triathlon Canada nation;
  • more high-performance athletes on the podium;
  • achieving excellence at all levels; and
  • putting more Canadians at all levels on the start line.

An important strategy in achieving these goals is to ensure the provision of high quality and appropriate competitive racing opportunities at all levels. However, the 2019 Triathlon Canada Bid Process will prioritize events that fit with Triathlon Canada’s published Olympic/Paralympic Podium

Pathway and current athlete pool within the High Performance Program. This includes paratriathlon, team relay and events at the continental level that best promote opportunities for Canadian athletes to generate points.

In addition to performance goals, Triathlon Canada has developed a branding and communications strategy to assist in building stronger corporate partnerships and enhancing the overall promotion of the sport to the benefit of Local Organizing Committees (LOC) and Triathlon Canada.

Hosting world-class triathlon events has been a critical part of Triathlon Canada’s past successes from both a sport and business development perspective but, more importantly from an athlete performance perspective. For all these reasons, hosting excellence and building world class events here in Canada remains a high priority for the future.

Bid Guideline Documents

Bid Submission Templates

Hosting Agreement Templates

Please note, bid submission deadlines range between October 30th and November 15th, 2018.