The PHO Order on Gatherings and Events has been updated with restrictions on sport tournaments, spectator capacity and recreational sport. To reflect these changes, viaSport has updated the Return to Sport Restart 2.0 chart with the details.

We want to stress that the intention of the PHO Order on Gatherings and Events is to allow sport to continue in a pared-back version where we exercise our best judgement on how to proceed as safely as possible. We understand there are differences in the Order as it relates to sport, fitness and recreation, and in light of that, amateur sport needs to proceed with extra caution as none of us want decisions made in sport environments to be the reason for further restrictions.

Now is not the time for certain types of activities or competitions to proceed (e.g. regional tournaments, social events, inter-provincial travel, etc.). Our aim at this time should be to make sure that the decisions we make preserves the core activities of sport so that it can continue as much as possible.

For clarification, we can confirm the following, as reflected in our up-to-date chart here:

  • Activities that take place in a sport environment are allowed, but this does not include fitness centres or workout gyms.
  • Coaching courses, or other similar activities, are subject to 50 per cent of the occupancy rate of the space.

Sport Restrictions:

  • Sport tournaments are not allowed at this time
    • Tournaments are defined as a single or multi-day gathering of three or more sport teams, but does not include:
      • A gathering where team members compete on an individual basis against members of other teams, or
      • A gathering where the result will decide if a team will advance to play in a national or international competition.
  • Interprovincial travel and international travel for sport is not advised
  • All activities that would typically take place in a sport environment (other than tournaments) may continue
  • High-performance athletes are exempt from the Order. They can train, travel or compete in accordance with the athlete’s respective PSO, NSO and Canadian Sport Institute Pacific COVID-19 safety protocols.
    • High performance athlete means a person who is identified by the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific as a high-performance athlete affiliated with an accredited provincial or national sports organization
  • All other Return to Sport Restart Step 3 restrictions (including proof of vaccination) must be followed.

Exercise and Fitness:

  • Indoor individual and group adult fitness and exercise activities within fitness facilities (e.g. exercise studios, dance studios, and workout gyms) are not permitted
  • All activities that would typically take place in a sport environment (other than tournaments) may continue
  • Pool-based fitness activities are allowed to continue, including aquafit, lane swim, and other group classes. Proof of vaccination for adults is now required for access to swimming pools


  • Adult indoor and mixed-age sport and recreation programs (including pool-based) are at 50 per cent of capacity/occupancy of the space
  • Children and youth programs can remain at 100 per cent capacity/occupancy

Additionally, the PHO announced new guidelines on what to do if you test positive, including reporting and isolation, that may be useful for your members. The information is up-to-date on the BCCDC site:

Note that the guidance on isolation has recently changed to:

– minimum 5-day isolation if you are fully vaccinated

– minimum 10-day isolation if not fully vaccinated