Triathlon BC’s Technical Director, Andrew Armstrong, has decided to coin the term Virtual Officiating and implement it for BC Officials. Wait a minute? How can you officiate virtually?

With the number of cancellations, due to the COVID-19 pandemic Triathlon BC wants to ensure our Officials are staying sharp.  A number of questions and real-life scenarios have been prepared for Officials to keep their minds active.  Topics include errors from Officials and unique situations that occur from athlete creativity. A point system has been derived for Officials and points will be awarded based on difficulty.

Why take part in Virtual Officiating?

Triathlon BC is encouraging Officials to take part in the Virtual Officiating as a way to stay engaged and keep their minds active while staying at home.  Senior Officials are also encouraged to share some of their real-life scenarios to assist in developing and mentoring novice officials.  Think of Virtual Officiating like a triathlon-specific version of Trivial Pursuit.  Do you know all the answers?

Triathlon BC is also encouraging all members, athletes, coaches and anyone who is interested to take part the Virtual Officiating.  This format allows anyone to stay engaged and informed about the sport.  Just imagine, as an athlete, all the time you can save by knowing the rules!

What you need to take part in Virtual Officiating

The resources you will need to take part in Virtual Officiating can all be found online. These resources are listed below and are available publicly. The resources listed below are for provincial, national and international level races.

Resources Needed:

Real-Life Scenarios & Questions for March

Check the questions and real-life scenarios from our March Officials update:


  1. What is the purpose of the Triathlon Provincial Sport Organization Rules?
  2. The water temperature is 21 Celsius and the air temperature is 15 Celsius. Is the swim for Junior athletes in a SuperSeries race wetsuit mandatory, legal or not allowed?
  3. To ensure the safety of athletes, there is a limit to the number of athletes starting at the same time. Where would you find this information?

Real-Life Scenario

You watch an athlete rack their bike and lift their helmet straight off their head. As they do this you notice the helmet straps were tucked up inside the helmet. What would you do and why? Someone disagrees with the decision you take above. If you made the above decision as an Official what form would you give them? If you made the above decision as a Head Official what form would you give them? What is the likely outcome of the complaint and why?

Photo Question: What is wrong with this photo?

How well do you know the rules?

Think you have the answers to the questions and scenarios?   If you are looking for assistance in finding the answers think about reaching out to your friends and family.  You might just be surprised by what others know about the rules!

Feel free to email your answers to with the title “Virtual Officiating Answers from (NAME)”.

Expansion of Virtual Officiating – PTO Level 1 and 2 Clinics

Triathlon BC and Triathlon Canada have been working together over the past month to take Virtual Officiating up a notch.  Online Officials Level 1 and Level 2 clinics are in the works and slated to be released this spring.

Save the date for April 25 as Triathlon BC and Triathlon Canada will be hosting their first online PTO Level 1 pilot course.  The clinic will be hosted via an online platform and an RSVP link has recently been made public.  Want to sign up? Go to

Triathlon BC is keen to keep our membership engaged in the sport while staying safe at home during these challenging times.  As our staff and membership work remotely, we are continually coming up with creative ways to learn about and try new concepts within the sport of Triathlon. Virtual Officiating is an example of one of these innovative ideas coming to action.   We think learning the rules via this new concept is a great way to make sure you have your wits about you when the racing season starts.

Stay tuned to our channels for future new ideas, resources, tips, and tricks coming to you from our homes to yours!

Want to submit a question or real-life scenario for our Officials team? Email Andrew today at –