Why should sport and physical activity leaders care about meeting the needs of families immigrating to Canada?

By 2030, immigration will account for all of Canada’s net population growth.

Cities across Canada are being transformed by immigration, and the sport system will also be affected as some sports, likely those that have been traditionally popular in Canada, may see their participation levels decline. Other sport and physical activity organizations, with which newcomer Canadians are familiar, may grow in popularity, especially if they choose to expand their programming to meet the needs of these newcomers.

Regardless of participation levels, it is the responsibility of all sport and physical activity leaders to ensure that the system is accessible to all Canadians. We must become familiar with, and empathetic to, the unique circumstances that prevent some newcomers from fully participating in sport and physical activity.

To learn how you can play a part in welcoming new Canadians to the playing field, please download Sport for Life’s comprehensive manual, Inclusion-for-New-Citizens.