NOVEMBER 9 – 11, 2019

Triathlon BC, in partnership with the Canadian Sport Center Pacific (CSIP) is holding a high-performance Camp in Whistler, BC over the weekend of November 8th through to 11th. The purpose of the is Camp is to better equip BC athletes on their development pathway to the international triathlon stage. Triathlon has become a race of seconds with the difference between success and failure often being decided on details of how an athlete prepares. These critical preparations aren’t just considerations for the race season, they are details all aspiring high-performance athletes must address throughout the building blocks of training through the winter months.

This Camp will focus on the details of preparation required in the winter months, to create summer champions! The biggest threat to our high-performance athletes is time away from training due to preventable circumstance, such as illness and injuries. This is a targeted approach that focuses on exploring each athlete’s range of motion and strength and conditioning by the leading experts in Canadian high-performance sport. The programming athletes will receive will be aimed to prevent injury and maximize strength, power and speed gains over the winter months. Equipped with this information, athletes and their coaches can further minimize missed training days due to injury and push the boundaries of performance leading to the 2020 competition season.

The Whistler Camp is intended for athletes in the Junior and U23 performance pathway. All athletes that hold a current CSIP card should prioritize this Camp. Athletes looking to renew or apply for a CSIP card in 2020 are strongly recommended to attend this Camp, as it will be linked to the 2020 carding criteria. Youth athletes that can show a high level of sport performance within the sport of triathlon will be considered, and must express their interest along with highlights of their 2019 triathlon season.

Saturday, November 9th
Athletes will spend the day in functional movement screening, strength and conditioning assessments and potential asymmetries analyzed to create programs to supplement traditional swim/bike/run training. With the sport of triathlon moving toward shorter distance races and tighter courses, requiring higher power demands, a greater emphasis needs to be place on these aspects in order to have an athlete that meets the demands of routine competition.

Sunday November 10th
In the morning athletes will be exposed to incremental lactate testing to help gain greater understanding of individual physiology. Armed with this knowledge, coaches and athletes can target and assess training needs more accurately, particularly when training time is limited due to school and other commitments.

To help build comradely among our developing athletes, Sunday afternoon will feature a group team building activity. The purpose of this is to create social knitting within BC’s performance community. Athlete will have an opportunity to spend time together, complete fun, challenge-based activities creating social bonds that have been shown to retain athletes in sport through challenging times throughout high school, university and beyond.

Monday November 11th
Athletes will be guided through their individual strength and conditioning program by CSIP experts in the high-performance gym at the Institute to ensure execution is correct, techniques followed and full understanding is achieved. Personal coaches are strongly encouraged to attend.

NOTE: Following the individual gym orientation, coaches will have a Professional Development workshop provided by CSIP experts to further enhance their working knowledge of incorporating the Incremental Lactate information into their daily performance environments.  NCCP professional development credits will be provided to attending coaches.

The Camp will conclude mid-day Monday to allow athletes and coaches to travel home.

ITINERARY (Please allow some flexibility):


  • 9:00 – 11:30am Lower Mainland athletes S&C assessments
  • 12:00 – 2:30pm Island athletes S&C assessments
  • 3:00 – 4:30pm Okanagan athletes S&C assessments
  • 5:30 – 7:30pm Team dinner and Info Session on Triathlon BC Projects for 2020


  • 9:00 – 1:00pm Incremental Lactate Testing (all athletes)
  • 3:00 – 6:00pm Group Activity & Team Building
  • 6:00 – 7:30pm Team Dinner


  • 9:00 – 11:00am CSIP athlete/coach familiarity with S&C programming
  • 11:00 – 12:30pm Coach Pro-D Workshop

Triathlon BC has secured a block of rooms at the Whistler Athlete Center. This accommodation is recommended as Whistler is an internationally renowned vacation destination. As such, accommodations can be hard to acquire and prohibitively costly. At the Whistler Athlete Center each room is equipped with two single beds; where athletes (and/or parents) are traveling together, room sharing is available. Registered CSIP Coaches will have their accommodation covered by Triathlon BC for the nights of Friday November 8th through to Sunday, November 10th.

If athletes are traveling on their own and wish to share a room, we will do our best to match those athletes with others. Premium 2-bedroom rooms and single rooms are also available although cost vary for these rooms. Athletes interested in taking advantage of these deals can inform Triathlon BC so that you can be added to booking and receive the group discount.

Accommodation details are viewable on THIS LINK or by clicking the link below.


A meal plan is available for $51.00/day per athlete, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepared by a certified nutritionist capable of meeting specific athlete needs. Parents attending may also participate in the meal plan. Any dietary concerns or allergies must be communicated to Triathlon BC upon registering for the Camp. Coaches meal plan will be covered by Triathlon BC.

CAMP FEE OPTIONS: **based on shared occupancy**

  • PERFORMANCE CAMP WEEKEND (No accommodations, no meal plan) – $225.00/Athlete
  • PERFORMANCE CAMP + ACCOMMODATIONS (November 8 to 10) – $391.50/Athlete
    *dietary restrictions or allergies must be conveyed to Triathlon BC asap.

Registration for the Camp closes at midnight, October 27th.  After this deadline, athletes will not be accepted into the Camp. As a prerequisite, both to mitigate the potential of injury and to build a more resilient and robust athlete, participation is strongly recommended for all athletes applying for CSIP carding in 2020.

Space is limited to 24 athletes. Entry to the Camp will be prioritized based on current CSIP carding in combination with performances from the 2019 triathlon season. Cost for top tier performance athletes may be partially subsidized through a request to Triathlon BC.

Triathlon BC will be awarded subsidies at their discretion based on availability of funds.

NOTE: Deadline for accommodations closes October 20th at midnight. After this date athletes will be responsible for arranging their own accommodation and food. Rooms may still be available at the Whistler athlete center but will not be eligible for the group discount.