The limited funding dedicated to sport opportunities for women and girls is a barrier for organizations and clubs working to advance gender equity in sport.

Since 2004, CAAWS has awarded $150, 000 in grants through the WISE Fund to leaders, organizations and clubs across Canada to help address this gap.

With the support of Sport Canada, the 2020 WISE Fund will grant 30 organizations $2500 to advance gender equity in Canadian sport – helping CAAWS bring our strategic goals to life.

The new WISE Fund program is designed to inspire innovative initiatives, creating quality opportunities for women and girls to participate and lead through sport.

Application Process

What is this grant for? 

To build capacity for gender equity within organizations and support them to expand quality opportunities for girls and women to participate and lead in sport.

How much funding is available? 

This year, with the support of Sport Canada, CAAWS will be awarding 30 grants valued at $2,500 each!

When can I apply? 

The grant application will open on Friday, October 11, International Day of the Girl. Applications will close on Friday, November 8. Recipients will be announced in late February/early March 2020.

Who is eligible?

  • Sport organizations (NSOs, MSOs, PSOs, clubs)
  • Community organizations
  • University/college sport programs
  • Schools
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Organizations who have previously received a grant can apply again

What is eligible?

New and existing initiatives that:

  • Help keep girls and women participating in sport throughout their lives
  • Increase the leadership capacity of girls and women through sport
  • Enhance an organization’s capacity for gender equity

Eligible use of funds:

Expenses directly related to the initiative activities, including:

  • Compensation for human resources directly related to initiative activities (i.e. salaries, facilitator honoraria, etc.)
  • Venue costs
  • Direct marketing and communications costs to promote the initiative
  • Travel costs related to carrying out the initiative
  • Equipment directly related to carrying out the initiative
  • Participant training/registration fees

*CAAWS is committed to equitably distributing grants to initiatives that reflect the diversity of girls and women in Canada. Some of these considerations include geography, language of program delivery, and socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, and/or ability of direct program beneficiaries.

*If an applicant is uncertain if a proposed use of funds is ineligible, contact CAAWS for clarification prior to applying.

Other Requirements 

Organizations must demonstrate the following through their application and proposed initiative:

  • Alignment with the recommendations in our resource Actively Engaging Women and Girls: Addressing the Psycho-Social Factors
  • Alignment with anti-abuse, harassment, and discrimination practices
  • A commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment (i.e.  compliance with the Responsible Coaching Movement, use of waivers, targeted recruitment of underrepresented groups, etc.)

Tips for Successful Applications 

  1. Be creative. Think outside the box!
  1. Tell us what makes this initiative unique. Every community has their own set of obstacles – tell us why your initiative is an important solution to advancing gender equity.
  1. Use SMART goals to describe what your objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound).
  1. Don’t just tell us how you are going to spend the money – explain why it’s important.
    • i.e. If you are sending money on a piece of equipment, explain why that equipment is important and how this relates to your goals for the initiative.
  1. Think about what happens after the funded initiative is over. What will the participants/community be left with? Do you plan to run this initiative again? If so, how?