Triathlon BC will be conducting strength and conditioning assessments for all athletes on the CSIP carding list and provincial, performance athletes, February 24-25, 2018 at Fortius Sport & Health in Burnaby.

The purpose for these assessments is to find potential gaps in each athlete performance envelopes, including range of motion and strength and muscle activation, to further help athletes and their coaches develop robust training programs, minimizing the risk of injury while increasing performance, leading to the 2018 season.

Camp Components:

  • MSK Injury Prevention and Functional Movement Screens
    – Functional movement screen
    – Functional movement assessment
    – Balance test
  • Upper Body Strength
    – Inverted Row
    – Tempo Push-Up
  • Lower Body Strength
    – Single Leg Squat
  • Core endurance test
    – 3 Way Plank Test
  • Power Testing
    – Force/Velocity Profile on a dynamic strength Index
  • Individualized Athlete Reports
  • Team Database & Debrief

Following the initial battery of test, athletes and their coaches will be given a detailed S&C program specific to their athletes’ needs. After completing a 10 week, individualized program, athletes will return to Fortius for a follow up assessment to measure improvement and receive “next step” instructions to continue improvements throughout the season.

The assessment camps are open to all BC Games eligible athletes (14-15yo), Junior (16-19yo), and U23 provincial athletes. A limited number of spots (up to 25) will be available, and will be prioritized according to the CSI-P athlete carding list, with priority offered to Canadian Development and Provincial Development (1) candidates.  Should sufficient interest from Okanagan and Kootenay-based athletes be received, a second testing location (PacificSport Kelowna) may be sourced at the discretion of Triathlon BC.

Please email an expression of interest (EOI) to provincial coach Kelly Guest ( no later than 5:00pm, Monday, February 8, 2018, briefly outlining your 2017 results in addition to your 2018 competition schedule.

Testing fees will be subsidized, courtesy of the Canadian Sport Institute-Pacific’s Enhanced Excellence Program and Triathlon BC, and will be confirmed based on the total number of athletes participating, but will not exceed $200/athlete. Reduced cost accommodations are available onsite, at the Fortius Lodge. Travel subsidies are available for athletes that reside outside of Metro Vancouver.