Getting Started

Triathlon BC Club Manual

Interested in starting an affiliated club in your community, but don't know where to start? Check out our our Club Manual, and get started today! Get our Club Manual HERE.

Club Affiliation Forms

Wanting to become a Triathlon BC Affiliated club? Affiliation with Triathlon BC will provide your club with exposure,  insurance and much more.  Check out a list of current clubs or register your club today!

*2017* Club Affiliation Forms (due December 1, 2016):

Club Insurance
Triathlon BC is pleased to offer insurance coverage for all Triathlon BC registered clubs. Insurance is intended to provide coverage for members when participating in regularly scheduled club training activities, and does not cover accidents outside of these scheduled activities.

Click Here for a Club Insurance Overview

*The NCCP Community Sport (Triathlon-specific) coaching program is a manditory minimum level of certification for all clubs seeking insurance.  Please enroll your coaches in upcoming Community Coaching Clinics to avoid insurance and affiliation delays.

Coach Requirements
A minimum of one (1) certified coach must be present at each listed club training session.  Coaches must posses a minimum of NCCP Community Sport Triathlon Certified or be identified as Triathlon 'coaches-in-training' of presently working through the NCCP Introduction to Competition coaching stream. Equivalencies are no longer accepted.

Click HERE for a NCCP Triathlon Qualification Summary

Criminal Record Checks
Certified individuals working with athletes under the age of 19 must complete and submit a Criminal Record Check every 2 years.  Further information on Criminal Record Checks check out our resources below:

**New for 2015** Volunteers working with youth are eligible to apply online and complete a FREE Criminal Record Check. Triathlon BC can provide free Criminal Record Checks to Volunteers working with youth (under the age of 19). Check out the Criminal Record Review Program Guide for online submissions.  Email Triathlon BC to get website and password information today!

Growing Your Club

Do you have a new club or are your current Membership numbers dwindling?  Triathlon BC has created some guides and resources to help you grow your club.  Check out the resources below:

New Members
So you want to attract some new Triathletes to your club? This is probably not as simple as you first thought.  Attracting new members involves communicating the benefits of your club to current members, prospective triathletes and potential community supporters. 

Get the Attracting New Members Guide HERE
Community Partnerships
Triathlon involves three sports and a transition so why not develop partnerships with other organizations in your community? Developing partnerships is a great way to increase and grow your membership base. 

et the Community Partnerships Guide HERE.


Events, large or small, are a great way to bring awareness about your club to the community.  Events are also a great way to share your club values. 

Get the Events Guide HERE

g, Promotion & Public Relations
Do you have a great club with interesting Triathletes who would love to share their story but don’t know where to start?

Get the Advertising, Promotions and PR Guide HERE.