Annual membership with Triathlon BC helps foster the awareness, growth and development of our sport throughout the province.

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Triathlon BC membership is an investment in yourself as an athlete and contributes to sport development, Provincially, Nationally and Internationally.

Triathlon BC is a registered non-profit, member-based organization that is the recognized governing body for the sport of triathlon in British Columbia. We undertake a number of important duties and responsibilities on behalf athletes, coaches, clubs, race directors and officials to ensure the growth and development of the sport across the province, and are affiliated to Triathlon Canada and the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

Membership with Triathlon BC provides benefits to support and assist you in your participation at every level, from the grass roots entry level participant to the high performance athlete striving for excellence. Your membership adds to the strength of Triathlon BC, and the ability to support its members by giving them a voice across BC and Canada.

Annual Memberships

Triathlon BC:

  • Promotes the growth and development of the sport across BC.
  • Implements and interpret the rules of play.
  • Ensures events are safe and fair for all participants.
  • Provide insurance coverage for all sanctioned training activities and sport competitions.
  • Trains and assigns officials to sanctioned events.
  • Provides coach training and assist in the certification process.


Annual Membership Details
Membership is effective from January 1st to December 31st of each year, with a pro-rated membership available beginning October 1st for athletes returning to training for next year’s season. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to qualify for Triathlon BC membership.

Triathlon BC insurance only covers medical costs above what would normally be provided by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) while you are participating in approved Club training sessions and Triathlon BC-sanctioned events.

The medical insurance benefits provided as part of the membership provides only extended health coverage, such as splints, physio and massage therapy, etc.  Any emergency medical costs are the sole responsibility of the participant. In the province of BC, that is normally covered by the provincial health plan that is provided to residents of BC.

Unfortunately, member insurance does not cover damage or loss of equipment.

Club Options
To obtain a Club discount, your associated training club must be an affiliate to Triathlon BC. Affiliated clubs are listed on our clubs page.

Membership Benefits
Triathlon BC’s annual membership provide many benefits to the member, including:

  • Fostering regional development through the support and development of youth, age group, Officials, clubs and elite programs.
  • Supporting sport education opportunities, including NCCP Coach Certification and Officials Clinics.
  • Supporting special events and recognizing significant contributors to the sport.
  • Supporting the development of Canada’s next Olympians.
  • Eligibility to receive Provincial and National Team designation.
  • Eligibility to receive High Performance funding.
  • Eligibility to compete in the BC Summer Games, Americas Master Games and Canada Summer Games.
  • Eligibility to receive entry discounts for safe, sanctioned, quality events.
  • Eligibility to enroll in the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP).
  • Eligible to qualify to represent Canada at the World Triathlon Championship.
  • Discounted Clinic fees.
  • Discounts, when using a unique member code, with our affiliate partners, Rudy Project, F2C Nutrition and FSA and Vision cycling components.

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Annual Membership Structure

Membership fees are a source of revenue for Triathlon BC, allowing for ongoing programming, promotion, development and support of athletes, coaches, officials and race directors across the province. You will receive a digital membership card when you purchase your membership. Additionally, membership numbers can be confirmed via website look-up. Membership runs on a calendar year basis, and expire annually on December 31st.

When you register as a Provincial member, a mandatory $15.50 (Adult) or $6.50 (Youth) Triathlon Canada affiliation fee is also charged. Triathlon Canada uses these affiliation fees to promote and develop the sport, and to support high-performance programming across Canada. For transparency purposes, the Triathlon Canada affiliation fees have been listed separately since 2017. Triathlon Canada considers all athletes 16 and over Adult Members.

Adult members who belong to a Triathlon BC Affiliated Club are entitled to a $5.00 discount on their annual membership. Clubs who have already renewed their affiliation have been provided with a club-specific coupon code that enables users to receive their club discount. Please contact your club administrator to obtain your discount code.

Triathlon BC membership fees are listed in the table below.

*Renewing members, please make sure you use the same email that you used to purchase your previous annual membership.

Individual Adult Member$60.00$15.00$75.00
Adult Members belonging to a Triathlon BC affiliated club$55.00$15.00$70.00
Junior Member (16 to 19 Years) $17.00$15.00$32.00
Youth Member (15 Years and Under)$12.00$6.00$18.00

Your Information and Privacy is Important

Collecting Personal Information – Triathlon BC collects basic personal information about its Board of Directors, financial supporters, members, coaches, officials, managers and staff. This information is collected only as it relates to an operating program or organizational activity, and is collected for the following purposes:

  1. To establish and maintain a responsible relationship with these interested individuals and to provide ongoing service.
  2. To understand needs and preferences in order to better meet service expectations.
  3. To manage and develop organizational operations; and
  4. To meet legal and regulatory requirements.

This information is considered confidential, and is protected as such. To find out more check out Triathlon BC’s Personal Information Protection Policy.


Triathlon BC members are covered whilst competing in sanctioned events across Canada only. Coverage does not extend to out of country activities or events.

Please note, when racing outside of Canada, Triathlon BC members are not covered by member insurance. It is highly recommend to purchase and obtain out of country insurance PRIOR to departure.

For out of country athletes competing in BC, it is strongly recommended that travel and medical coverage is purchased from the home territory PRIOR to arriving in BC.

National Sport Trust Fund

Triathlon BC’s Pool to Podium program has been created to bring high performance athletes from a provincial level to an international performance standard. These athletes have been identified as meeting and/or exceeding strict eligibility criteria. It brings together top tier athlete support, advanced coaching, intensive training, and international caliber competition opportunities. Donations made to the Pool to Podium program will be used to offset the cost of facility rentals, routine health and wellness screening, physiological testing and assessment, training, travel and cost of competitions for developing young athletes on the cusp of making our National Team.